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Empowering your global expansion strategy

With the international marketplace becoming more connected, there are now greater opportunities for businesses to extend their global operations. By identifying profitable markets to sell into, multi-country expansion represents a viable opportunity for businesses to grow their customer base and extend the sales life of existing products.

To successfully transition into foreign countries, business owners must first conduct detailed market analysis, in order to understand their target market. This enables them to properly assess determining factors such as growth potential, competition, and local market trends.

By developing a tailored market entry strategy, owners and stakeholders can evaluate markets in which to focus, target customer profiles, and formulate a brand strategy that acknowledges product and service value. This allows businesses to set realistic expansion goals and better navigate the complexities underpinning employment, legal, and tax compliance.

Flexible solutions for your global expansion

Horizons works alongside your business to develop strategies enabling you to expand into new markets. We help you assess the suitability of your target market and support your business to formulate an effective market-entry strategy. 

Market Entry Strategy

We help you determine your target market size and growth potential, in the countries where your company would like to expand its operations.

Feasibility Analysis

Our global expansion strategists partner with you to determine the best value proposal for your business.

Advisory services

We manage all legal, legislative, and tax-related functions to ensure full compliance with local regulations.

Our global strategy solutions

  • Assistance in identifying your target market.
  • Comprehensive market analysis encompassing factors like growth opportunities, customer profiles, levels of competition, economic variables, and investment analysis.
  • Formulating your company’s market entry strategy. This includes your channel strategy, brand positioning, pricing model, and unique value propositions.
  • Creating your organizational and operational models.
  • Feasibility analysis procedures.
  • Drafting a realistic action plan on which to measure success
  • Assisting your business to select the right partners and prepare appropriate formal agreements.
  • Providing your business with guidance through local law, legislation, and tax compliance.
  • Helping you to identify production locations that offer the most commercial value.

Helping you to define your global expansion strategy

Horizons provides market driven analysis and end-to-end solutions enabling companies to identify sustainable global expansion strategies. Our team of in-country experts support your business to formulate an expansion strategy that allows you to set a realistic framework for success. We also offer a suite of services helping international companies effectively transition into local markets.

Benefits of market entry with Horizons

Entity or PEO

Horizons advises you on the best course of action for your business. Depending on your requirements, we can assist you to establish a local entity or act as your employees’ Employer of Record through our Global PEO.

Recruitment & Wage Assessment

To successfully transition into new markets, you need the best people to grow your business. As global recruitment experts, we ensure your business attracts high-level candidates and your wages meet local industry standards.

Employment Compliance

We support your business to comply with local employment legislation in your country of expansion. This includes local labor laws, as well as regulations that pertain to tax compliance.

Factors that determine your global expansion strategy

To establish or extend your global operations, there are a number of factors that business owners and stakeholders should consider. Businesses must ensure they comply with local regulations that govern employment, legal, and tax compliance. In addition to these measures, there are global payroll logistics, as well as staffing and HR-related matters to manage.

Here are the key points to consider before enacting a successful global expansion strategy:

01. Entity setup & PEO

To establish an entity or subsidiary in foreign countries, business owners must consider determining factors such as local tax regulations, setup expenses, and banking capabilities.

If your business intends to hire local workers in your country of expansion, there are two options: You can establish an entity and in doing so, ensure that your business complies with local employment and tax regulations. Alternatively, you can engage a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) – like Horizons – that manages ongoing payroll, benefits, and HR compliance.

02. Local talent acquisition & wages assessment

When expanding globally, many businesses require a local workforce to help them meet their objectives. To find the right local talent, a recruitment strategy needs to be devised that enables you to quickly source, hire, and onboard new employees.

Job adverts must be drafted, interviews conducted, and credentials need to be verified. To streamline this process, companies often engage recruitment providers to help them find suitable candidates. 

In order to maximize the potential of your global expansion, it’s important to pay your employees in accordance with competitive market rates. This enables you to attract and retain the country’s most talented professionals. Our HR specialists work alongside your company to ensure that all local payment and tax regulations are managed compliantly.

As the only Global PEO with a dedicated, in-house international recruitment team, Horizons connects your business to local talent and acts as their Employer of Record. This enables you to fast-track your cost-effective transition into new markets, by removing the need to establish a foreign entity.

03. Global payroll

Global payroll presents multiple challenges for expanding businesses. If your business is hiring employees directly – and they live in the country you’re doing business in – you need to establish an entity in each of the relevant countries. This ensures that employees are paid correctly and all tax and benefits payments are in compliance with local regulations.

When you engage Horizons as your Global PEO, we ensure all employee payments and benefits – including full leave entitlements – are recognized and paid on-time. This allows your business to maintain full compliance with local employment and tax legislations.

04. Employment compliance

Countries have individual regulations that govern employment and tax compliance. It is incumbent on businesses to follow these regulations and maintain compliance with local employment laws.

By acknowledging employer responsibilities in your country of expansion, this not only protects the rights of your employees, but also protects your organization from any unwanted legal ramifications.

Horizons supports your compliant global expansion by assisting you to navigate the local employment landscape of your target market. This ensures your business stays compliant with all relevant legal and tax regulations and does not breach any labor laws.


As part of a market and feasibility analysis, we can advise you on any payroll tax implications associated with your expansion.

For most businesses, there is a point at which international expansion is desirable. Through our feasibility analysis, we advise you on whether now is the right time for your international expansion.

Engaging a Global PEO or establishing a local legal entity can be two useful ways to establish a presence overseas. However, in some cases, other options may be appropriate. For example, we can advise you on the implications of engaging an independent contractor in your country of expansion. 

If our analysis suggests that expansion in a particular country is unwise, it’s likely that we can suggest other countries that might be a better fit for expansion. 

We identify any potential competitors in our initial market analysis. The presence of strong competition in a new market is not necessarily a negative consideration. We can advise you on the possibility of a joint venture or merger – or the acquisition – of an existing competitor. 

There are multiple areas where the support of a Global PEO is invaluable for international expansion:

  • Making the strategic decision whether to expand via a Global PEO solution or a local entity
  • Talent acquisition
  • Employee onboarding
  • Compliance
  • Payroll and benefits administration

Failing to consider these matters can present major compliance risks to expansion.