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Hire Remote Teams Without an Entity

Hire and onboard remote teams quickly
cost effectively and in full compliance with local laws

Let us connect your business to talented workers all over the world. Through our Global Professional Employer Organization (Global PEO) & Employer of Record solutions, we find you the right person for the job – without the burden of setting up a local company in that country.

We recruit, hire, onboard and act as the Employer of Record for your staff in your chosen country of expansion. We take over recruitment, provide compliant employment contracts and take responsibility for ongoing payroll, benefits administration, withholding tax and employer compliance.

Global business starts with a remote team

Hire Without an Entity

With our Global PEO, you can quickly hire the best international candidates wherever they are. Fast, simple, and compliant.

Secure Login & Seamless Access

With our intuitive payroll & hr management cloud software, you’re able to securely manage your employee data and payroll.

Leading Benefits Packages

We support your business to provide employees with the most competitive benefits - in accordance with local labor regulations.

Worldwide HR Support

No matter where your employees are located, our global HR team is on-hand to support your workforce operations, 24 hours a day.

Maintain Full Compliance

As the Employer of Record, we absorb all risks and legal liabilities. This lets you expand into new markets with confidence.

Ongoing Hiring Capabilities

We make it simple for you to extend your global operations by hiring additional team members at any time.

Flexible, risk-free global talent acquisition

Step 1. Select the candidates that you wish to hire

Our legal specialists will assist you to draft a compliant local employment contract.

Step 2. Horizons onboards your new employees

We oversee your company’s orientation process, whilst managing local payroll sponsorship, labor contracts, and all HR administration.

Step 3. We absorb legal liability

By acting as your employees’ Employer of Record, we take on all legal responsibilities, ensuring that employment remains compliant.

Step 4. Grow your business

You retain control and autonomy over employees. As your workforce grows, you’re able to scale your global operations.