Global PEO & Employer of Record [Fast & Easy Global Hiring]

International PEO & Employer of Record

Build a compliant local legal presence in foreign countries and hire top talent - without establishing a local entity

Simplify your expansion with our Global PEO

If you’re looking to grow your business internationally, New Horizons Global Partners streamlines your compliant expansion into your new market. In addition to helping businesses gain a legal presence in foreign countries, our end-to-end recruitment solutions allow businesses to strategically source, hire, and onboard skilled professionals. We also coordinate global payroll and benefits payments, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and on-time delivery.

Through our team of local, in-country employment experts, New Horizons recruits your global employees and becomes their legal Employer of Record. This allows you to go-to-market faster, while saving up to 85% on standard expansion costs. We take care of all risk mitigation, compliance, payroll, and benefits. You can then focus on making your core responsibilities centered around successfully running your organization.

By partnering with our Global PEO, your business can tap into emerging international markets, without needing to establish a local entity or subsidiary. And by fast-tracking your compliant access to new markets in days – not months – your business can save thousands in expansion costs.

Why choose our Global PEO?

New Horizons’ Global PEO lets you begin trading in foreign markets in as little as 48 hours. We take care of employment compliance, local and international recruitment, global payroll, and immigration services. This allows you to focus on growing your business in your new market. 

Establish a Global Team

With entities across major international markets, you no longer have to work with multiple providers when expanding into more than one country.

Global Benefits Solutions

We provide a competitive suite of compulsory and supplemental benefits to your employees, in accordance with all local legal requirements.

Hire in 48 Hours

Establishing a foreign entity generally takes weeks or months to complete. We help you hire and onboard local professionals in as little as 48 hours.

Onsite Legal & HR Team

In-country legal guidance through employee acquisition, contract renewals and termination, benefits distribution, and HR compliance; as well as local tax, law, and financial expertise.

Talent Acquisition

As the only Global PEO with a dedicated in-house recruitment team, we ensure that you find the right talent to help you grow your business.

Cloud Platform

Our in-house cloud platform provides you with a secure and seamless online portal to manage your employees. Anytime, anywhere.

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Global PEO - how it works

Partnering with New Horizons helps clients save thousands compared to the cost of setting up their own foreign entity. With PEO services starting from $400 per employee, companies can expand their global presence quickly, compliantly, and cost-effectively. 

What is a Global PEO?

A Global / International PEO provides employee management services that encompass the hiring and onboarding of employees, payroll, benefits, and additional HR duties. Partnering with a Global PEO assists companies seeking to expand internationally by allowing them to quickly hire, onboard, and pay their global workforce. 

A PEO acts as the employer of a workforce on behalf of a client company. By hiring employees on behalf of a client company, a PEO becomes the Employer of Record for legal and tax purposes. Even though a PEO oversees global payroll and HR functions, the client company retains autonomy and direction over employees. This allows a company to focus on its core business objectives, while the PEO absorbs all local employer liabilities.

While the services offered by a PEO can vary between providers, key services often include payroll and benefits management, recruitment, onboarding, HR, and legal and tax compliance.

Benefits of using a Global PEO

There are numerous benefits to using to a global PEO to establish and manage your international workforce. These include:

One partner for global expansion

Using a Global PEO allows companies to expand into multiple countries with the support of one designated partner. This not only facilitates a streamlined expansion, but also saves costs that are traditionally spent on multiple providers. 

A Global PEO manages a company’s international payroll and benefits distribution, employee onboarding, HR duties, and legal and tax compliance. By acting as an employee’s Employer of Record, a Global PEO also takes on all local employer responsibilities. This ensures that companies quickly and compliantly tap into new markets, with one partner through the lifecycle of their global expansion. 

New Horizons’ Global PEO is the only global PEO with an in-house recruitment team. As well as providing all the services of a specialist PEO, we connect your business to top local and international talent. 

Local legal compliance

Due to the ever-changing landscape of international employment law, it is pivotal that companies maintain compliance with employment regulations that govern their market of operation. Companies need to stay abreast of any changes to local payroll, benefits, and tax laws. Failing to comply with the necessary employment laws can lead to significant fines and additional penalties. 

When a company engages the services of a Global PEO, many of the risks around tax and legal compliance are alleviated. A Global PEO specializes in international employment legislation and as such, typically has an established legal presence across major international markets.

By partnering with a Global PEO, business owners ensure that their employees are provided with the most competitive benefits package. Employees then receive compensation and tax withholding that complies with all local legal requirements

Avoid permanent establishment risks

Permanent establishment refers to a fixed place of business through which the business of an enterprise is wholly or partly carried on. The existence of a permanent establishment means that corporate income tax is applied to the profits of that permanent establishment.

For businesses that inadvertently create a permanent establishment in a new country, they may be hit with unexpected tax bills and additional penalties. 

By using a Global PEO like New Horizons, companies can avoid setting up a fixed place of business in their country of expansion. In turn, permanent establishment does not exist.

A Global PEO serves as the Employer of Record, ensuring that all business activity is conducted in compliance with local tax authorities, and all taxes are reported and paid. A Global PEO provides a legitimate vehicle for reporting taxes through a recognized entity in a foreign market.  

Streamlined international expansion

The global business market presents infinite possibilities for companies seeking to grow their brand. While transitioning into a foreign market comes with an element of risk, companies across all industry verticals recognize the opportunities that expansion offers.  

When a company is preparing to launch their international operations, a Global PEO provides assistance around a number of key areas. By engaging a Global PEO to oversee and administer payroll and benefits, business owners can rest assured that their global workforce is compensated in a competitive and compliant manner. This ensures that businesses avoid fines and negative publicity. It also helps businesses to attract and retain high-level talent on which to grow their international operations. 

Reduced expansion costs

When expanding into multiple overseas markets, HR may be difficult to manage. It takes a great deal of time and manpower to administer payroll and benefits on a global scale. 

A Global PEO provides a viable solution to this problem. You’re able to outsource the complexities of HR integration and global payroll to an experienced partner. This allows your business to expand quickly, compliantly, and cost-effectively. 

Competitive benefits for employees

Many small-to-medium businesses might be reluctant to provide their employees with a competitive benefits package. Packages that include health care and other supplemental benefits may only be cost-effective for companies with an extensive pool of employees. However, without such benefits, companies may find it challenging to attract and retain high-level talent. 

By engaging the services of a Global PEO, companies receive guidance to offer the most competitive benefits to employees. This not only improves acquisition of new employees, but helps to maximize employee retention.

Competitive benefits are vital for companies expanding internationally, as foreign employees may expect guaranteed benefits that are not offered in the employer’s home country. A Global PEO assists companies to administer benefits in a manner that is both compliant and cost-effective. 

Data security

When conducting international business, companies need to be aware of regulations passed by different countries. As an example, companies expanding their operations into Europe must consider the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – passed by the EU in 2016. This law was implemented to establish privacy and security rights for individuals, in regards to their digital data. For companies transitioning into the EU, GDPR stipulates that any client or employee data needs to be secure, accessible to the individual, and safely transferable. Any company that does not comply with GDPR can face significant fines and penalties. 

When a business engages the services of a Global PEO with a GDPR-compliant platform, they’re able to navigate the complexities of such a regulation. This ensures that all client and employee data is managed with the highest standards of professionalism and data security. 

Improved financial forecasting

Businesses that are new to international expansion may find it challenging to project monthly HR expenses. This can be due to a number of factors that include international banking practices and currency exchanges. 

A Global PEO has specialist experience dealing with such factors. For businesses that engage the services of a Global PEO, they’re able to develop accurate projected budgets. New Horizons customizes this data in our cloud software, allowing our clients to access the employee data they need, in a user-friendly platform. By streamlining global payroll and benefits in such a manner, businesses can develop more effective budget forecasting. 

Core functions of a Global PEO

New Horizon’s one-time and ongoing service fees for onboarding and managing your foreign-based staff are all covered by our PEO solution. When you partner with New Horizons as your global PEO, there are five key areas in the scope of employment that we oversee: 

1. Engagement terms agreement

At this stage, the details of the engagement between New Horizons and the client will be confirmed. The client then agrees to the proposed terms of employment, which confirm that the employee is to work exclusively for the client in the country of operations.

2. Employment facilitation

Our team drafts an offer letter and an employment contract, in accordance with client needs. These documents are drafted in English, as well as the country’s local language. New Horizons then makes the appropriate statutory declarations with local authorities and registers the new employee at the local labor bureau.

3. Administrative onboarding

Next, we ensure that all immigration, work permits, mandatory insurances, in-country tax registrations, and other key declarations and registrations are made compliantly with local legal operations. This includes extensive international insurance coverage plans for all employees. 

4. Monthly payroll processing

We calculate all regulatory payroll items including individual income tax, social security contributions, and insurance payments. We then remit the payments through the disbursement of payslips. Expense management and monthly reimbursement are included at no extra cost.

5. Ongoing HR and administrative support

New Horizons takes on the full employer responsibility in the country of operations and manages all employment-related inquiries. We take care of all appropriate statutory declarations, handle any conflicts, and oversee all employee renewals and/or terminations.

Global PEO Coverage

With coverage that spans more than 150 countries, New Horizons supports your business to grow its international presence. Our team of in-country specialists facilitates your expansion and allows you to hire, onboard, and pay your global workforce.

Your global expansion partner

New Horizons’ suite of tailored expansion solutions allow you to fast-track your compliant expansion into overseas markets. With solutions that encompass our Global PEO, HR, recruitment, payroll, and legal compliance, you can extend your international operations with the support of one dedicated partner. 

Hire into 150+ Countries

With global capabilities that span the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and North America, we support companies to extend their operations on a truly global scale.

International Recruitment

As the only Global PEO with a localized, in-house recruitment team, our specialists source, hire, and onboard top talent across all industry verticals.

Cross-Industry Coverage

No matter what industry you're in, our customized PEO solution enables you to quickly, compliantly, and cost-effectively grow your business in new markets throughout the globe.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. New Horizons hires your candidates and provides them with compliant employment contracts. This makes New Horizons the Employer of Record for your foreign employees.

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