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Take your business further with the industry's leader in global recruitment

A strategic approach to global talent acquisition

Horizons specializes in the strategic recruitment of high-level talent to drive your global expansion. Our experienced team of global headhunters utilize innovative sourcing methods to meticulously identify and match your organization to exceptional talent across any industry vertical.

With an extensive network located in major cities throughout the world, Horizons has the global capabilities and specialized local expertise to fast-track your expansion into new markets. Through this experience, we connect your enterprise to the most qualified local and international talent. 

By adopting a tailored recruitment strategy, Horizons empowers your business through:

Customized end-to-end employment solutions for your global expansion.
Assessment expertise enabling your company to readily connect with elite candidates.
In-country experts with an understanding of local market conditions across all major industries.

The benefits of our global recruitment solutions

As a leader in global recruitment, Horizons connects your business to local and international talent across all industry verticals. We customize a recruitment strategy that aligns with your expansion objectives and help you to source, hire, and onboard your global workforce.

Multi-Country Recruitment

With recruitment capabilities in more than 150 countries worldwide, you're able to work with one provider when hiring in multiple countries.

Cross-Industry Capabilities

Our in-country recruitment specialists have long-standing connections with business leaders across all industry verticals. This enables us to source from an extensive global database of talent.

Support after Placement

We provide your business with ongoing support through our comprehensive HR infrastructure. This includes global payroll compliance, local payroll sponsorship, and labor contracts.

Recruitment methodology

At Horizons, we provide your business with a tailored recruitment solution that allows you to connect with the most qualified, high-level talent. Our strategic approach enables you to source from a pool of local and international candidates that align with your organization’s goals and values.

1. Understanding the needs of your business

We take the time to gain a true understanding of your business and your goals for future growth. Our team of global expansion specialists analyze your company’s strategy and develop a systematic approach that meets your recruitment challenges.

2. Develop an appropriate candidate profile

Whether you’re looking to fill an executive level role, a specialist position, or a casual appointment, Horizons helps you to find the right person in the shortest possible time. 

Our customized process identifies the industry experience, qualifications, and professional attributes required to be successful in your business. Through our talent acquisition profile, we highlight reputable candidates and assess their suitability for each role.

3. Discover the very best talent

Utilizing our network of local and international partners, market insights, and extensive industry knowledge, we identify and connect you to exceptional talent. Our team has ‘on-the-ground’ experience in all major industries and understand the relevant challenges pertinent to your industry. This experience enables us to target and attract the most suitable candidates on a global level.

4. Present high-quality candidates

In partnering with Horizons, we showcase the unique attributes of your organization and highlight to candidates the most compelling employer proposition. Our research capabilities, combined with our industry-leading network of partners, allows us to put forward the most qualified candidate shortlist. Through an extensive interviewing process, we identify high-level talent and work meticulously to assess their suitability for your vacant role.

5. Put the right talent forward

After presenting your business with the most suitably qualified talent, we draft a detailed assessment of each candidate to help you move towards internal interviews. We continue to support your organization across each phase of the recruitment process – including employee sourcing, hiring, and onboarding. 

Our recruitment team provide expertise through ongoing interviews, travel and accommodation support for candidates, global immigration, compliance, and formal offers. 

When you partner with Horizons, our seamless recruitment service enables you to quickly connect with the right person for the job.

Our comprehensive post-recruitment services include all elements of HR, local payroll sponsorship, labor contracts, and termination.

Frequently asked questions

Horizons offers a retained search service, customized for organizations that prioritize value – as opposed to a fast recruitment process. Our retained search utilizes a specialist platform of industry knowledge and bespoke selection methodology. For businesses that are seeking to fill high-level roles internationally, a retained search service is the most effective recruitment model to adopt.

When you partner with Horizons, our experienced talent acquisition consultants guide you through each stage of the recruitment lifecycle. Our in-country employment experts have comprehensive industry knowledge and a wide-ranging pool of local and international talent from which to source.

Our retained search enables Horizons to be granted exclusivity in relation to our recruitment. We’re able to dedicate additional time and resources to market research and candidate search procedures. This allows us to source high-level candidates that are generally unavailable to other providers.

Companies that engage a retained search service are looking for a premium solution. Candidates know this and will naturally gravitate towards providers that offer this service. This enables Horizons to connect you with a wider selection of suitably qualified candidates that will help your business to grow.

Horizons recruits high-level talent for all major industries – including, but not limited to:
  • Property & Construction
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • FMCG
  • Sales, Marketing & Communications
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Technology & Digital
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Life Sciences
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Software Development
  • Enterprise Software
  • Electronics

requirements of your organization, we’re able to connect you to suitably qualified, bilingual professionals across all industry verticals.

With a focus on multi-country expansion, Horizons has a far-reaching database of globally-minded professionals. Many of our candidates are proficient or fluent in business-level English and a large proportion are bilingual. The majority of our candidates are also familiar with international working environments.

Our strategic approach to global recruitment, combined with our retained search service, ensures we only connect you to the most qualified, highly skilled professionals.

Horizons is a recognized leader in global recruitment and strategic global expansion. With an international presence that has continued to grow throughout the world, we’re able to meet the challenges of an ever-expanding global marketplace. Our ability to connect organizations to the best local and international talent makes us a specialist recruitment provider for businesses seeking to break into new markets.

At Horizons, we specialize in assisting businesses to expand into more than 150 countries worldwide. This means that internationally-focused professionals – many who are bilingual and possess international working experience – trust Horizons to connect them with global businesses.

Our team of recruitment experts are trained and qualified in all matters of recruitment strategy and employment compliance. In addition to this, many of our team have extensive experience working in the industries they now recruit for.

At Horizons, our staff also undergo formal development through our licensed training programs. This ensures we have the knowledge and the resources to meet your global recruitment requirements.

As an International Professional Employment Organization (PEO), Horizons sources, hires, and onboards your global employees. And as an Employer of Record, you’re able to to commence operations in a foreign country – with a local and international workforce – without the burden of establishing a foreign entity. This can save you up to 85% on expansion costs.

We have extensive recruitment experience enabling companies to successfully expand into new markets. We also work with businesses to recruit professionals for temporary assignments and provide ongoing, post-recruitment support services.

We encourage you to contact us today. A member of our recruitment team can walk you through our process and customize a recruitment solution that fits your global expansion requirements.