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Global Mobility & Immigration

Simplifying Global Immigration and Employment Compliance

Seamless immigration support and expertise

Our comprehensive global mobility solutions provide clients with a single point of contact during every step of the immigration process. Through a streamlined network of immigration support and expertise, we assist you to fast-track your global operations.

Our immigration experts deliver global visa services to new hires, business travelers, and employees relocating to new markets. We also help your business obtain all necessary work and residence permits needed for your expansion.

Our customized mobility services provide your business with an end-to-end solution for your global immigration and relocation requirements. We ensure a fast and compliant transition to your new market with support through the lifecycle of your expansion.

The benefits of our global mobility solutions

New Horizons’ global mobility solutions manage immigration, visa, and work permits. We transition employees into new markets and support your business to comply with local employment regulations. We also provide translation and administrative services to guide your expansion. 

Immigration knowledge

There's no need to use a third-party company to manage the immigration process. We leverage our knowledge of immigration regulations to help your employees transition into new countries.


We manage the complexities involved with immigrating into new countries. This allows your communication with newly hired employees to remain focused on the core functions of your business.

Faster entry

Localized expertise helps us transition your new employees into the market faster than doing it on your own. This empowers your business to expand its reach and exceed your expansion goals.

Single point of contact

We act as a single partner to handle the immigration process from end-to-end. You benefit from one provider to cover the mobility of your international employees.

Legal compliance

We have in-house immigration experts located in every country in which we operate. Through immigration and visa alerts, we ensure your business complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Mobility concierge

Our local immigration specialists gather all necessary documents and legislation. We also help you save time and costs by providing a full suite of translation and administrative services.

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Customized global mobility solutions

Your international expansion blends your existing business expertise with the potential of a new international outpost. 

Often, this means bringing together existing managers or employees alongside new hires. New Horizons Global Partners provides global visa services for all new hires, business travelers, and employees relocating to a new market. 

Additionally, the New Horizons immigration team ensures all necessary work and residence permits are in place for a smooth transfer to your new location.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. New Horizons recruits high-quality staff for your new overseas location. We then hire those workers and become the ‘Employer of Record’ in the new location. 

Let's simplify your global mobility strategy