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Frequently asked questions

Horizons Global Partners has locations all over the world, however its regional headquarters are in Germany (Europe), China (Asia-Pacific), and the USA (North America).

Yes. In addition to international payroll solutions, Horizons Global Partners can recruit and hire employees, with your input. That way, we become the 'Employer of Record' for your overseas workforce. 

Horizons offers global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solutions for enterprises expanding overseas. This means that Horizons can act as the Employer of Record for your staff based overseas. As part of that service, Horizons:

  • Processes and administers the payroll for your international workforce; 
  • Takes care of all employee income and payroll tax withholding; and,
  • Becomes responsible for employment law compliance. 

While Horizons can administer your payroll as part of a global PEO solution, if you prefer, you can solely outsource the payroll function to Horizons. 

When you choose us as your Global PEO, we are generally responsible for withholding all payroll taxes and employee income taxes, and making required declarations to the tax authorities. 

As well as managing payroll itself, Horizons also takes care of all compulsory employer contributions and employee benefits. Depending on the country, this may include contributions to insurance, pension schemes, and workers' compensation. 

Horizons works with companies of all sizes and in all industries: Small startups and large enterprise multi-nationals can benefit equally from our international recruitment and employment solutions. 

From $200 per employee, per month.

The exact price can vary, depending on the country in question, and the services being offered.