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We make it simple to hire, onboard, and pay your global workforce in 150+ countries.

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New Horizons Global Partners allows you to hire professionals in 150+ countries & regions, without the need to set up legal entities in each location.

New Horizons handles all employee payroll, benefits and tax compliance, on your behalf, saving you up to 85 percent on international hiring costs.

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New Horizons Global Partners is the only Global Professional Employer Organization (Global PEO) with an in-house recruitment team and customized local search capabilities. This means we can source top talent across all industry verticals, and ensure you have a tailored recruitment strategy.

Through our end-to-end recruitment process, we source, hire and onboard your overseas workforce. Then, as a Global PEO, we take over employer compliance and payroll for those employees for the whole time they serve your company. Engaging New Horizons to source your high-level talent allows you to focus on your core business when expanding internationally.

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New Horizons Global Partners is a trusted leader in global expansion, operating across more than 150 countries. This means that New Horizons is able to fast-track and streamline your business operations across multiple international markets.

New Horizons Global Partners, through its Global Professional Employer Organization (Global PEO) solutions, takes over all payroll, compliance, tax and HR responsibilities for you. As New Horizons operates all over the world, you only have to deal with one partner, and one invoice — not multiple entities scattered around the world.

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One Platform. Multiple Benefits.

Partner with New Horizons and discover a cost-effective, strategic approach to global employment.

Our Global PEO.
How It Works.


Select The Candidate

You can select a candidate or let our recruitment experts do it for you.


We Onboard Your Team

We hire all employees in full compliance with local laws — no need for a local entity.


We Manage Compliance

We manage HR, payroll, taxes, benefits, and employment compliance.


You Grow Your Business

With a global team in place, you grow your market presence throughout the world.

Our Global Reach

Our expertise enables companies to expand their global presence in more than 150 countries and regions.

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

Our reputation is built on the principles of legal compliance, integrity, and local expertise.

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