Our Vision

Allowing every person on the planet to have access to equal employment opportunities 🌏

Our Mission

Free companies from bureaucracy to expand their business rapidly and risk-free 🚀


Enable people to work in dream jobs, for every company, and from anywhere in the world 💜

Leadership Team

Antoine Boquen

Co- Founder & CEO

Frank Xu

Co-Founder & Chairman


Tom Kussmann

Co-Founder & COO

Joachim Kaupenjohann

Global VP Revenue

Niklas Restle

Head of Product

nadia ponomareva

Nadia Ponomareva

Head of Recruitment

Vincent Delacourt

VP Engineering

Nick Xu

Engineering Lead


None – we’re bootstrapped! 😎

Where to find us

What it's like working at Horizons

Our service & product 🔥

We’re a technology company, not an accountancy, payroll provider, recruitment firm or similar. We build a workforce management platform that allows our customers to hire the best talent in minutes, without worrying about compliance, payroll or HR admin.

Currently, to hire an employee in another country, the primary option companies have is to set up a legal entity in each country they wish to hire in, which is expensive, time consuming, and unscalable. Horizons already owns and operates a full-stack global infrastructure in 99% of the countries we serve. This allows us to offer our customers a seamless, flexible, and robust platform at costs that are significantly lower than traditional solutions.

Our team & environment 💜

Today we are a 80+ team, from over 25 nations, sitting in our Berlin HQ, Toronto, Shanghai, Singapore, or Delhi offices – and quite a few full-time remotes in 14 other countries. A truly global company!

Working at Horizons means you’re working on something very exciting: Allowing every person on the planet to have access to equal opportunities in living a fulfilled work and personal life. We believe in hiring from within and going the extra mile to retain top talent. As the company continues to grow extremely fast, you will be given the opportunity to develop and grow alongside.

Horizoneers Values

We prioritise speed.

We believe that it’s better to move fast and make mistakes than to move slowly and miss opportunities. Doing so enables us to have more impact and learn faster.

We exceed expectations.

When our customers succeed, we succeed. Therefore, we always make sure to go the extra mile to deliver excellent work, even more so when facing difficulties while always keeping a positive attitude.

We are owners.

We take ownership of our work and are aware of our responsibility. We know how to delegate, however, do not simply shift task to others. No work is below our pay grade, we help and support each other wherever we can.

We challenge directly.

We challenge the status quo and disagree with others, if needed. We find new, innovative ways to succeed, always with a clear communication and can-do attitude.

We care personally.

Caring personally is much more than being professional, it’s about caring about each of the people we work with as human beings. It’s about giving a damn, sharing more than just your work self, and encouraging everyone around you to do the same.

We help each other thrive.

We strive together as a company and therefore, develop people around us. We invest our time in new hires, rising talents and make sure that they succeed wherever they are across the globe. When our co-workers succeed, we succeed.


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