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Horizons enables businesses to quickly, compliantly, and cost-effectively expand into major international markets. Our end-to-end solutions encompass our Global PEO, local and international recruitment, global payroll, and employment and tax compliance. With the support of our employment experts, you can source, hire, and onboard employees across a variety of industry verticals.

By acting as your employees’ Employer of Record, you’re able to quickly extend your global operations, without the burden of establishing a foreign subsidiary. This allows you to begin trading in your new market in as little as 48 hours.

We are proud to be the industry leader in global expansion. With 24/7 support and in-country experts located worldwide, we enable businesses to transform their expansion goals into reality. 

Contact Horizons and let us empower your business with customized staffing, payroll, and employment solutions. 

Global Expansion Experts

The industry's most trusted leader in end-to-end global expansion solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Worldwide Client Portfolio

With our entities in more than 150 countries worldwide, we enable you to successfully grow your global operations.

Multidisciplinary Teams

Our specialist teams encompass our Global PEO, HR, recruitment, payroll, legal, and financial divisions.

Tailored Solutions & Support

Through a single point of contact, we offer custom solutions to support your strategic expansion.

At Horizons, we are committed to breaking down barriers to global expansion. Our Global PEO solutions enable companies to hire, onboard, and pay employees internationally, with or without a local entity.

Our clients encompass small-to-medium businesses, large enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies. We allow our clients to hire teams in record time, whilst maintaining legal compliance with local rules and regulations. When you partner with Horizons, we absorb all local employer liabilities, allowing you to focus on the daily operations of growing your business.

Discover some of our recent success stories below

Multi-country expansion into Europe

Client’s challenge 

An American software company needed to quickly extend its operations into Europe. 

The outcome 

Horizons’ recruitment experts allowed our client to effectively grow its international presence. Through our tailored recruitment solutions and support, we facilitated the hiring and onboarding of 15+ employees in Germany. 

How Horizons was best placed to assist? 

As global recruitment experts, our team devised a recruitment strategy that allowed our client to connect with top-level talent. We developed targeted job adverts, conducted interviews and assessments, and verified successful candidates’ credentials. This enabled our client to select the most suitably qualified candidates to grow their business. 

A major European company's expansion into India

Client’s challenge 

A European financial services provider was seeking to take advantage of the Indian market.  

The outcome 

Through ongoing consultation, we were able to devise a successful expansion strategy for our client. Utilizing our Global PEO, we ensured a compliant and cost-effective expansion into India. 

How Horizons was best placed to assist? 

After meeting with our team of in-country specialists, we transitioned our client from a local entity to our Global PEO. This allowed our client to quickly commence operations in their new market, whilst we oversaw risk management and absorbed all local employer liabilities. Consequently, our client was able to save significant overhead costs, when compared to operating under their own local entity. 

PEO and recruitment services in Singapore and China

Client’s challenge 

An automotive AI business needed to expand its operations into both Singapore and China. 

The outcome 

Horizons provided our client with customized talent search and Global PEO expertise. This allowed them to successfully expand into Singapore and China. 

How Horizons was best placed to assist? 

By engaging the services of our Global PEO, we were able to support our client’s compliant expansion into both Singapore and China. As a result, our client was able to effectively navigate the local employment landscape of each country. This ensured they stayed compliant with all relevant legal and tax regulations and did not breach any labor laws.

From Europe to China and Hong Kong

Client’s challenge 

A European food and beverage company was searching for a way to expand into China and Hong Kong. 

The outcome 

Through our Global PEO and tailored recruitment solutions, we facilitated our client’s compliant and cost-effective expansion into China and Hong Kong. 

How Horizons was best placed to assist? 

As leaders in multi-country expansion, the Horizons’ team has considerable experience assisting major companies to expand into multiple countries. We were able to utilize this experience to help our client transition into China and Hong Kong. This not only saved our client a great deal of time, but also saved them significant costs. As a result of this expansion, our client was able to grow its international profile and bottom line. 

Instant China presence through a PEO solution

Client’s challenge 

An American-based consumer electronics manufacturer needed to quickly establish an R&D team in China.

The outcome 

Horizons provided the company with recruitment, HR, payroll services, and office space for a team of 16 engineers in a matter of weeks. This interim solution enabled our client to gain an instant presence in Shenzhen, while they worked to establish permanent PRC company status.

How Horizons was best placed to assist? 

With our employee hosting solution, Horizons minimized the time and risk needed to enter the Chinese marketplace. Thanks to the support provided by Horizons, the company was able to build a high-tech team – of over 50 personnel – in Shenzhen, all within a year.

Sourcing in China

Client’s challenge 

An ambitious German automotive client was looking for a single service provider in China. They required their provider to offer comprehensive assistance in corporate establishment, tax, and accounting matters.

The outcome

We arranged for the incorporation of a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in Beijing. Our team successfully devised and managed the company’s monthly and annual compliance activities (tax, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, etc.).

How Horizons was best placed to assist? 

With thorough business and regulatory expertise, we facilitated a successful WFOE application and managed the company’s registration, enabling a swift entry into the Chinese market. Upon completion of the company incorporation, a full range of ongoing services was provided by our corporate team.

Onsite HR and legal team

Client’s challenge 

A property development business was looking to fully outsource its administrative compliance activities in China.

The outcome

On behalf of the client, our team managed corporate accounting and bookkeeping, and payroll outsourcing services for 85 China-based employees (hiring/termination procedures, administrative on-boarding, payroll and tax compliance services, expenses declaration, etc.).

How Horizons was best placed to assist? 

Through our extensive experience managing administrative tasks for foreign companies in China, our corporate team was able to meet the complex needs of our client. As a result, our client was able to grow their international presence and experience a marked rise in new business acquisitions.

Implementation of sales and marketing

Client’s challenge 

A European winery without a locally registered entity needed to employ a sales and marketing team to develop the company’s brand in China.

The outcome

We facilitated the onboarding of both local and international employees through our Employer of Record service. As part of our service, we organized staff members’ labor contracts, visa documentation, payroll, and tax registration – in compliance with local labor laws.

How Horizons was best placed to assist? 

With regional headquarters in Shanghai, and industry leading global expansion experience, we understand the complexities involved with managing projects and hiring in China. Horizons was able to quickly and cost-effectively onboard a local team on behalf of our client. Through our teams’ expertise, the client experienced a seamless market-entry into China.

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