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One Platform for Global Employee Management

Our intuitive cloud HR software platform and extensive support lets you better manage your global workforce

An integrated HR and payroll solution to manage your workforce

Our all-in-one cloud-based HR and payroll software simplifies how you manage your international workforce. This ensures you maintain employment compliance on a local and international scale. Our solution gives you secure access to your employees’ data, as well as expert support through a dedicated, single point of contact.

Through our cloud-based software, we provide your business with greater transparency and enhance your ability to manage your global workforce. This ensures that your business complies the regulations that are legislated in your country of expansion. To complement our platform, you also have direct access to ongoing support whenever you require assistance.

One platform. Multiple benefits

Horizons’ payroll and HR platform revolutionizes how you manage payroll, expenses, and reimbursements. Our intuitive cloud software lets you access and create custom reports, manage employee contracts and salaries, and maintain GDPR compliance. 

Centralized Employment Solutions

Securely access and create custom reports across each of your global markets and more efficiently manage your international workforce.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Complete onboarding & offboarding formalities online. Make hire requests in 150+ countries and invite your new employees to submit their hiring information directly on the platform.

Expenses & Leave Management

Manage all employee expenses and reimbursements accurately, securely, and compliantly. Process all types of leave requests and view your team calendar. Review historical data for expenses & leave at any time.

GDPR Compliance

Our cloud based software ensures you stay compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Flexible Payroll Management

Easily manage ongoing payments — contractual and non-contractual — as well as one-time payments and additions to monthly payroll agreements. You can also view detailed breakdowns of monthly payroll costs.

An intuitive global payroll solution

Horizons offers your business the benefits of a cloud based platform, with a centralized point of access for your global workforce management. Our intuitive platform provides you with:

A comprehensive online portal to manage all employee data. It also acts as an enhanced communication tool for foreign businesses and international employees.

Secure and accessible employee data, available anywhere through our encrypted online portal. 

Expert assistance whenever you need it. Your company benefits from a single point of contact that allows you to overcome any challenges associated with managing a global workforce. In addition, our platform offers a dedicated support page.

Strategic global payroll management

Our payroll management platform is expertly designed to simplify the process of managing a global workforce. 

All clients of Horizons receive secure access to their customized online portal at no additional cost. 

With specialist support available at all times, our payroll management software offers you a singular platform to more effectively manage your employees’ data.

Our platform was crafted from deep experience in global HR. It's an HR platform built by HR professionals.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. If you engage us as the Global PEO for your staff, we become responsible for all international payroll and benefits administration. In this case, we can arrange for you to have access to the platform to review ongoing payroll and employment issues.
Yes. We ensure that personal information relating to EU employees, as well as information transferred in or out of the EU, is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Yes, our payroll platform meets the highest standards for information security. This includes the use of encryption and robust password and access management.
Yes. Horizons provides an integrated platform, ensuring that all crucial employee information is maintained. This is important for matters of compliance, if an employee needs to be terminated.
Yes. You have a dedicated account manager to provide your with support at any time, as well as a searchable support page.