Recruitment Agency in Thailand

Recruit, hire, and onboard Thailand's top talent.

Hire top talent through our Thailand recruitment agency

Our Thailand recruitment agency provides an expert team that sources the most experienced professionals and provides our clients with direct access to our local pool of qualified candidates. 

By partnering with New Horizons , you can benefit from our experience sourcing both local and foreign candidates across every industry to best support your company’s international growth.

Our customized recruitment strategy

Enhanced Local Search

We understand the challenges that international recruitment presents. Our in-country platform makes it easy to connect you with the right person for the job.

Candidate Acquisition Platform

We make it simple to access an extensive pool of talent and produce a customized candidate shortlist, and our recruitment team will also managing the onboarding process.

Establish a Global Team

New Horizons' end-to-end recruitment solutions enable you to hire key personnel in multiple locations across Asia and the rest of the world.

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New Horizons recruitment process

We understand that every talent search is different. That’s why we begin by identifying your business needs and tailoring a recruitment process to meet your objectives. Our in-house recruitment agency covers the recruiting process from end-to-end. This includes the development of a recruitment strategy, client search, presentation, and employee on-boarding. 

Strategy development

Our recruitment experts will meet with your executive team and discuss the specifics of the roles you need filled. This discussion will be based on your business objectives, plans for future growth, and the relevant labor laws that apply to the country from where you are looking to recruit. In effort to make this process as detailed as possible, we consider key points such as your ideal candidate salary ranges, as well as your competitors’ salary and benefits packages. This helps us to formulate a customized job description and search strategy.

Candidate search & presentation

Depending on the recruitment needs of your business, we can customize our service to best suit your goals. If you need us to take the lead and oversee the entire recruitment process, we can do this. Alternatively, we can customize our service to offer you more control in the selection of your candidates. In this case, you’re able to access our extensive talent network to reach a greater number of qualified candidates.

Onboarding process

After sourcing, vetting, and ultimately hiring the best candidate for your vacant role, we can also provide assistance with the on-boarding process. This ensures that new employees transition seamlessly into your business operations.

The New Horizons advantage

New Horizons’ highly experienced recruitment team work with your company to source qualified candidates from entry level positions to mid-management to executive level talent. Our experts possess a nuanced understanding of job functions across various roles and industries. Our recruitment platform simplifies the process of sourcing, hiring, and onboarding foreign talent for businesses worldwide. 

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