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Singapore Work Visa & Employment Pass

Obtaining work visas and work permits for Singapore

Singapore is a world economic powerhouse with a diverse and booming economy. If your organization is planning an expansion to Singapore, you may want to integrate some of your existing workforce to leverage their unique expertise. For this, each will need a valid Singapore work visa.

Obtaining Singapore work visas can be a complicated and time-consuming process. The country has strict immigration measures and challenging administrative procedures, so getting your work permits may take longer than expected and delay your expansion.

At Horizons, we help businesses expand abroad. Our team of Singapore experts can help with your visa applications, offer immigration advice, and simplify the entire visa process for your business, helping you to retain your valued employees and get up and running in Singapore without any hassle.

Basic requirements for Singapore work permits

The requirements for a Singapore work visa vary greatly depending on the type of permit you are applying for. In general, individuals will need to meet the minimum monthly earning threshold as well as specific educational requirements and work experience.


Your first step should be to determine which type of visa is most suitable for each employee, then to look at the requirements for that visa.

Types of work permits in Singapore

As with most countries, there are a range of different types of Singapore work visas, all of which are designed to suit various circumstances. The main four types of visa are:

  • Trainee/student visas
  • Professional visas
  • Skilled and semi-skilled visas
  • Short-term visas

If you are planning on bringing foreign employees to work for you in Singapore, then you will most likely require either professional visas or skilled/semi-skilled visas. Both of these categories have strict requirements relating to things like income level and qualifications. For example, individuals must be earning at least $4,500 (SGD) per month to qualify for a Singapore employment pass, which is usually the best option for most professionals. 

Some higher earners can choose to apply for a personalized Singapore employment pass that isn’t linked to a specific employer and has greater flexibility.

For skilled and semi-skilled workers, who probably make up the bulk of your workforce, there are several visa options all offering different rights. However, the most commonly used is the S Pass. To apply for this, workers must earn at least $2,500 per month and meet the minimum standards of work experience and qualifications.

For anybody looking to start a new business or invest in Singapore, the EntrePass is generally the most suitable option.

Obtaining a work permit in Singapore

Singapore work visa applications must be done through the Ministry of Manpower. The simplest way to access the application process and all relevant information is to use EP Online, an online portal available on the Ministry’s website. Using EP Online, employers can lodge applications for their employees, pay any associated fees, track application progress, and complete various other important parts of the visa process.

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Visas for employees with more complex requirements

  • It’s important to note that not all employees will be able to move to Singapore by themselves, as some may need to obtain visas for their partner, spouse, and family. Ideally, these additional people will qualify for a Dependent’s Pass. However, not everyone can meet the requirements for a Singapore employment pass, in which case they should try to obtain a Long-Term Visit Pass.

How can Horizons help you with your Singapore work visa?

At Horizons, we are experts in helping businesses expand into Singapore. Our team will provide tailored advice to help you navigate the complex visa process, answer any questions you may have, assist with applications, and ensure full compliance with the strict local regulations.

Additionally, we offer support for payroll, recruitment, HR, and a Singapore Employer of Record. Our Singapore Work Visa & Employment Pass solutions can save you time, reduce costs, and provide your organization with everything it needs to embark on a successful expansion in Singapore.

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