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Employee benefits in Singapore.

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Healthcare in Singapore

Singaporean citizens and permanent residents are entitled to free public healthcare from MediSave as part of their contributions to the CPF, Singapore’s social security scheme. This benefit is not available for foreign employees. Instead, employers must pay for health insurance for S Pass employees or those holding a work permit. Health insurance is not required for Employment Pass (EP) employees.



While there is no requirement under the Employment Act for employers to provide private health insurance to employees, it is common practice for most large companies in Singapore to provide their employees with additional private healthcare which may also extend to dependents and foreign, EP holders.

Pensions in Singapore

Employers must make monthly contributions into Singapore’s social security savings scheme, the CPF, for all Singaporean citizens and permanent resident employees. Employers must contribute 17% of an employee’s salary into this national pension fund for employees aged 55 or under. The CPF is the only mandatory pension scheme in Singapore and it is not common for employers to offer any additional schemes.

Disability in Singapore

There is no statutory requirement for disability leave in Singapore, however, under the Work Injury Compensation Act employees may receive certain benefits in the event of a work-related injury. This can include additional medical leave wages, cover for medical costs, and compensation for permanent incapacity or death. The act covers local or foreign employees who are contractually employed.

Unemployment in Singapore

There is no unemployment benefit system for the unemployed in Singapore.

Frequently asked questions

Mandatory employee benefits in Singapore include healthcare and pension under the Central Provident Fund, annual leave, sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, and childcare leave.

In addition to all benefits prescribed under the Employment Act, Horizons offers all its employees the following benefits:

  ·       Private Medical Insurance

·         Death and Disability Insurance

·         Employer Liability Insurance

·         Travel Insurance

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