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How to manage your company's Serbia recruitment and compliance work so you can employ the best talent for your expansion

Hiring employees in Serbia

Is your business aiming to expand to the European country of Serbia? When expanding abroad, most employers will need to recruit part of their workforce locally, but Serbia recruitment can be difficult for companies that are new to the country. The nation’s unique culture, working customs, language, and politics can all complicate matters, so it is important to prepare and do your research beforehand.

Horizons specializes in helping businesses expand abroad, and part of that is supporting them through the recruitment process. We offer a range of consultancy and outsourcing services to take care of your recruitment in Serbia for you. With our support, your organization can source, recruit, and onboard the top talent available to drive your expansion to Serbia, efficiently, cost-effectively, and in full compliance with the nation’s employment laws.

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Serbia hiring guide

Explore some of the key information about Serbia recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your Serbia expansion.

How to find and recruit employees in Serbia

While Serbia is a relatively small country with its own language, the population is well educated and people generally have strong English skills. This makes finding and hiring staff as a foreign company simpler than in many other countries if you know where to look.

One effective channel for recruiting is via online job sites such as Poslovi, and several other popular examples. Also, social media-based recruitment in common, with LinkedIn, Facebook, and others all being used to research and hire people.

Newspapers and magazines are also used for advertising jobs, with several options depending on what type of employee you are looking for and where in the country you are looking.

Dedicated recruitment companies and consultancies, such as Horizons, can also be a good choice, helping you to outsource parts of the Serbia recruitment process and free up your resources to focus on other areas of the expansion operation.

Discrimination laws for hiring in Serbia

Similarly to most other countries around the world, Serbia has a range of anti-discrimination laws specifically to protect employees and candidates. For example, employers are prohibited from discriminating against individuals based on their religion, age, gender, medical conditions, disabilities, pregnancy, financial situation, race, sexual orientation, and so on.

It is important to choose language carefully when advertising jobs, interviewing candidates, and in the workplace to avoid potential legal trouble. To ensure you never fall foul of the regulations, consider a Serbia recruitment consultancy.

Onboarding staff in Serbia

The onboarding process varies from company to company in Serbia, as in most countries, so you can generally choose whatever method you think is most suitable. The most important things to bear in mind are maintaining an open, respectful channel of communication with employees and ensuring that new recruits are properly briefed on the company culture and your expectations of them.

Compliance for Serbia recruitment

There are multiple legal entitlements that you must provide to employees as an employer in Serbia. These range from things like maximum working hours to a guaranteed minimum wage, maternity benefits, and so on. For more details of these entitlements, visit our Serbia PEO page.