Portugal Work Visas & Work Permits

Learn how to apply for Portugal work visas, how to hire foreign workers in the country, and more

An essential stage of most organizations’ expansion operations into Portugal is bringing in employees from abroad to assist with the setup and running of the new venture. To do this, every employee will need to secure a Portugal work visa.

However, the research and application processes for Portugal work visas can be difficult, with a unique set of immigration laws, multiple visas to choose from, a language barrier, and more to deal with. Failure to follow the proper procedures can result in rejection and delays, so it’s crucial that you understand the process before starting.

At New Horizons, our global expansion specialists offer extensive Portuguese visa services, immigration advice, and tailored outsourcing support, helping foreign organizations of all kinds to expand into Portugal along with their valued employees.

Requirements for Portugal work visas

The precise requirements for Portuguese work visas depend on various factors, such as the nationality of the applicant, the type of visa, the length of stay needed, and so on. However, here are some common requirements that most applicants will need to meet:

  • Completed application form
  • Application fees
  • Proof of work experience and/or qualifications
  • Medical insurance
  • Job offer
  • Valid passport
  • Biometric records
  • Proof of accommodation in Portugal
  • Invitation letter from the employer

Different categories of work visas for Portugal

Firstly, as Portugal is a member of the European Union (EU), any nationals of EU or European Economic Area (EEA) can travel, live, and work in the country without needing any kind of visa. They do, however, need to obtain a residency permit within six months to stay indefinitely. 

Non-EU/EEA nationals will need to first have a job offer from a Portugal-based employer. The employer then applies for an Autorização de Trabalho (work permit) for jobs lasting longer than three months. The employee will then need to apply for a work visa in most cases, with the most common being a Schengen type D visa or an EU Blue Card. Short-term visas are also available for work lasting under six months. 

Additionally, employees will need to apply for a residency visa if planning a long-term stay.

How to get a work visa for Portugal

As mentioned above, the employer handles some of the application procedure, and the employee themselves handles other elements of it. It’s important that you have a job offer in place before starting any of the visa applications, and you should ensure that you choose the correct visa for the length of the role, although it is generally possible to extend stays.

Other considerations for Portugal work visas

Once your employees are in Portugal, they will need to liaise with the Portuguese Social Security Office to register for social security and get a tax number. This is generally required to progress with the residency visa application, so should be completed as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

It is also important to note that the entire visa process can take several weeks from start to finish, so you and your employees should also engage with the process well in advance of your relocation.

If your employees wish to bring family members, each family member will need to have their own visa (generally either Type 2 or Type 3).

How can New Horizons help?

At New Horizons, we help employers of all kinds to expand into Portugal more effectively, and we’re experts in securing visas for employees and their families. Our Portugal work visa consultants offer customized support and outsourcing services to help you through Portugal’s work visa process as quickly and simply as possible. We will ensure that you and your employees are totally compliant with Portugal’s unique regulations, save you time, and answer any questions you may have about the process.

In addition, we offer extensive outsourcing services covering recruitment, payroll, HR, administration, and more to help your business start trading as quickly and effectively as possible, whether or not you have a registered subsidiary in Portugal.

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