Jacob Gregory

Journalist & Content Marketing Specialist

Jacob Gregory

Jacob has more than 15 years’ professional experience in the fields of print and digital media, journalism, advertising, and marketing. Since 2018, Jacob has worked with companies to improve their market presence through the development of content strategies and cohesive brand messaging. 


Jacob holds a Bachelor of Communication (Majoring in Journalism) from Monash University, Australia. In addition to this degree, he holds tertiary qualifications in Professional Writing and Editing, and Business Marketing Writing. As of 2020, Jacob is Google Digital Marketing Certified (YVD KWR THY) and HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified


Jacob has worked in corporate roles for companies that include Bauer Media and News Corp Australia. During this time, he has been a marketing manager, publishing team leader, communications executive, and advertising consultant.

Since 2018, Jacob has worked independently as a freelance journalist, digital content writer, and copywriter. His clients have included marketing agencies, e-Commerce brands, web designers, law firms, and multinational recruitment providers.

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