What We Stand For

New Horizons empowers businesses to simplify and fast-track their global expansion

We simplify global expansion

New Horizons Global Partners drives global expansion and strategic recruitment for companies establishing or extending their global operations. Our mission is to successfully navigate our clients through the cultural, legal, and tax rules that are unique to a country of expansion.

As the only PEO with a dedicated, in-house recruitment team, we offer our clients sustainable, end-to-end solutions that allow them to expand into new markets in days, not months. We also have a team of in-country, local experts that can assist businesses to compliantly establish their own legal entity.

By leveraging our suite of PEO, Recruitment, and Human Resource solutions, New Horizons ensures your global expansion is both compliant and successful.

An end-to-end solution for global expansion

Multi-Country Expansion

With our entities in 150+ countries worldwide, you can work with one partner when expanding into multiple countries.

Streamlined Solutions

Our fully-integrated PEO, Payroll, Recruitment, and HR solutions let you enjoy one point of contact throughout your expansion lifecycle.

In-House Cloud Platform

New Horizons' in-house cloud platform offers you a secure online portal to seamlessly manage your global workforce.

What sets New Horizons apart?

One partner through the lifecycle of your global expansion 

We offer our clients a full suite of services to accelerate global expansion. Whether companies are looking to hire a new executive, expand their operations with a team of highly-skilled workers, or set up a new legal entity, we offer a fully integrated solution. That means one point of contact to help you successfully navigate the legal and financial complexities that come with growing a business in new markets. And one solution to strategically fast-track your expansion, including International PEO, recruitment, and HR.

In-house experts that ensure legal compliance

With entities in every country we serve, our knowledge of local employment, legal, and tax regulations ensures that our clients maintain compliance throughout the lifecycle of their expansion. Every member of the New Horizons team is dedicated to helping businesses expand quickly, compliantly, and successfully, all while delivering unrivaled service. 

A client-focused approach to meet your strategic challenges

Our approach to global expansion starts with you. We’ll get to know your team’s goals and values, learn your strategic priorities, and align our tailored strategy accordingly. We are committed to providing market-leading service and support at every stage of your expansion.

Leadership Team

Guillaume Vergnaud

Guillaume Vergnaud

Managing Director

Antoine Boquen

Chief Operating Officer

Celine Chen

Celine Chen

Head of HR

nadia ponomareva

Nadia Ponomareva

Head of Recruitment


Tom Kussmann

Head of Growth

Alexander Clauss

Head of Sales

Pierre Pradier

Pierre Pradier

Head of Strategy

Marie-Laure Troadec

Marie-Laure Troadec

Legal Advisor - Global Mobility