White Papers & Reports

Comprehensive resources to simplify your compliant global expansion

Resources to drive global expansion

We have compiled an extensive framework of white papers and reports to guide your global expansion and hiring.

If your business is establishing or extending your international operations, these resources provide you with key information pertaining to employment compliance. They also keep you updated on local legal and tax regulations.

Things to consider when choosing a peo

Helping your business to source a reputable PEO.

Switching to a global PEO from a local entity

Why a PEO is the best choice for your business.

Contractor management outsourcing (CMO)

How a CMO can streamline your international expansion.

Risks involved in global business expansion

How to successfully deal with global expansion risks.

Risks of hiring international contractors

How a PEO can help you to evaluate and overcome risks.


Why the Asia-Pacific is the perfect destination for rapid technological expansion.

Global Perspectives

Discover how we can help you expand globally