South Korea Work Visas & Work Permits

If you intend to work while you are located in South Korea, you must apply for a South Korea work visa. Additionally, your relatives who plan to travel with you and work while in South Korea must also complete the application process. Here is what you need to know about the process.

Types of South Korea Work Visas 

There are several different types of work visas in South Korea. The most commonly used work visas include:

  • Short-term employment visa
  • Corporate resident/company assignment 
  • Foreign investment visa
  • Trade management visa
  • Professional job visa
  • Specific job visa

Where Can You Obtain a South Korean Work Visa?

You can obtain any of the work visas listed above at the South Korea Embassy or consulate with jurisdiction over your location of legal residence. 

Who Applies for a South Korea Work Visa?

Your sponsoring employer in South Korea initially applies for your work visa with the Ministry of Justice (MSJ).

Who Has Legal Authority to Issue a South Korea Work Visa?

The MSJ discusses your application with the representing agency and determines whether to authorize a visa or not.

If your application is approved, the Ministry of Justice issues a Certificate of Confirmation of Visa Issuance. You must submit this certificate to your consulate or embassy.

Eligibility Requirements for a Work Visa in South Korea

You are required to submit various documents with your work visa application, including the following:

  • Completed and signed application form with two passport-style photographs attached to it
  • Copy of your passport ID page
  • A passport that is valid for at least six months after your date of application
  • Your resume or curriculum vitae
  • Copy of your degrees, certifications, or other academic credentials
  • An employment contract or original assignment letter
  • Proposed job description
  • Your employer’s letter of invitation
  • Copy of the company’s registration certificate 
  • Copy of the company’s certificate of incorporation 
  • Copy of the company’s certificate of tax payment and financial statements for the previous tax year
  • Information about the company’s current foreign employees
  • Application fee

Immigration authorities have the right to ask for additional information or documentation. 

Family Visa Requirements

If your spouse or children will be traveling with you, they must also apply for a visa and other immigration documents at the same time as you. All family members who travel with you who are over the age of 16 are required to be fingerprinted when they apply for the visa. If your spouse or family member will also be working while abroad, they must also apply for employment authorization.

You must submit supporting documentation for your family members, including documentation that shows their relationship to you (such as a marriage or birth certificate), copy of their passport ID pages and two passport-style photographs.

How Long Does It Take to Process a South Korea Work Visa?

It typically takes between one and four weeks to process your CCVI application. Once you obtain this, you must submit a visa application at the embassy or consulate. 

Do I Have to Register with the Social Security System? 

You are not required to register with the Social Security System if you are scheduled to work for a non-Korean company for less than five years. However, if you are hired by a Korean company or plan to work in South Korea for five years or more, you are required to register with the Social Security System. This information should be described in your employment contract. 

Where Can I Find More Information?

New Horizons provides business services for South Korea. Our experts can help you secure work visas in record time. Contact us today to get started. 

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