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Expand into New Markets

Explore business opportunities in new overseas markets

National borders limit business potential. Expanding overseas can mean new, untapped markets for your products or services, new talent pools for your workforce needs, and cost savings.

Our expansion solutions take the hard work out of international expansion. We use our local market knowledge and networks to find you the right staff, expand your customer base, and grow your global brand.

Your global expansion partner. Wherever opportunity takes you.

Expand Your Global Team

With our entities in more than 150 countries worldwide, you’re able to quickly and compliantly place your people in-market.

Compliant Global Payroll

Our global payroll infrastructure makes it simple to pay your global workforce - accurately and on-time.

Skip The Costly Entity Setup

We act as your employees’ Employer of Record, allowing you to expand in less than 48 hours - saving you up to 85% in costs.

Maintain full compliance

As the Employer of Record, we absorb all legal liabilities. This means you can expand without the risk.

Competitive Benefits Packages

We’ll support you to offer your employees the most competitive benefits. This ensures you attract and retain the very best talent.

Specialist Support for Your Workforce

Our team of in-country HR experts are always available to assist your employees, 24 hours a day.

Global expansion begins with your people

Step 1. Select the candidates that you wish to hire

Our legal specialists will assist you to establish a compliant local employment contract.

Step 2. Horizons onboards your new employees

We oversee your company’s orientation process, whilst managing local payroll sponsorship, labor contracts, and all HR administration.

Step 3. We absorb legal liability

By acting as your employees’ Employer of Record, we take on all legal responsibilities, ensuring that employment remains compliant.

Step 4. Grow your business

You retain control and autonomy over employees. As your workforce grows, you’re able to extend your global operations.