Service Level Statement

Partner with New Horizons and experience tailored expansion solutions and world-class customer support

Premium service and support

New Horizons is proud to offer our clients the highest standards of support and expertise, across the lifecycle of their global expansion. Through our Global PEO and customized solutions that encompass international payroll processing, recruitment, global mobility, and legal compliance, we enable businesses to expand with confidence and reach their full potential.

When you partner with New Horizons, you’re provided with a single point of contact that allows your business to quickly build a successful presence in your new market. We ensure all employment documentation is drafted in accordance with local regulations and that your business maintains full legal and tax compliance. You also benefit from our intuitive cloud platform that streamlines your company’s payroll, expenses, and reimbursements. 

All our clients are assigned a dedicated, in-country account manager for the duration of their partnership with New Horizons. At any stage that our clients require support, our specialist team is on-hand to provide fast, reliable solutions that remove the barriers to global expansion. 

Our first-class service and support makes New Horizons the partner of choice for ambitious companies seeking to conquer the international marketplace. As the only Global PEO with an in-house recruitment team, our clients trust us with their most important commodity – their talent. Additionally, if any HR issues arise with a staff member employed by New Horizons, we ensure a swift and professional resolution that allows our clients to continue operating at their full capacity. 

Our commitment to performance and reliability

When you partner with New Horizons, our team of in-country experts are committed to providing your business with industry-leading service and support, whenever you need it. Our solutions have been built on performance and reliability, allowing you to expand your business with confidence.

Custom Prioritization

New Horizons ensures that our clients’ inquiries are assigned a custom prioritization rating. This is determined by the shared expertise of our account managers, along with our HR, finance, and IT departments. Prioritization is then assigned based on the type of request and its level of complexity.

Fast response times

After a request is lodged, we assign an appropriate rating - between urgent and normal - and implement a response and completion time. Our team members analyse each request, delegate to the necessary department, and complete the request in the shortest time possible.

Service Level Commitment

Based on the rating that is assigned to each request, we provide estimated response and completion times. For urgent requests, we’re able to estimate completion below 24 hours. For requests categorized as normal, we ensure completion times of between 24 and 48 hours.

Simplifying your ability to expand globally

As soon as you engage New Horizons as your expansion partner, you’re assigned a specialist account manager who acts as your single point of contact. Your account manager will support your business to source and hire your global workforce; and assist you to streamline your company’s global payroll and benefits.  

Our clients also benefit from the expertise of our in-country, legal and HR consultants who manage the process of onboarding and offboarding local professionals. 

If our clients ever require day-to-day support, New Horizons’ Help Center ticketing system ensures that help is available 24 hours a day. Our ticketing system is continuously monitored by our teams that include account management, HR, accounting, and IT.


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