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As the only Global PEO with a dedicated, in-house recruitment team, Horizons is recognized as a key expansion partner to businesses worldwide. With end-to-end solutions that include recruitment, global payroll, and employment compliance, we support businesses to quickly and compliantly extend their international operations.

At Horizons, our team works with journalists around the world to share compelling, unique insights. If you’re a member of the media and would like to talk, we encourage you to get in touch. You’ll discover why international media outlets are calling Horizons the industry’s leading global expansion provider.

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The Welsh economy will "hugely" benefit from the outsourcing revolution prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, an industry expert believes. Guillaume Vergnaud is convinced that just as technology firms have moved away from Silicon Valley in America, the same will happen to London. He said cities such as Cardiff and Swansea, with their universities and skilled workforces, were ideal. However, he said it may take several years to happen. Mr Vergnaud, managing director of outsourcing specialist Horizons, said cheap rents and quick, reliable access to England were a "win-win" for firms looking to escape London's sky-high rents.


Companies will need to consider how their existing employment contracts view compensation changes and what restrictions they may face, according to Guillaume Vergnaud, managing director of consultancy firm Horizons. Those who deem it appropriate to adjust salaries should inform those affected as soon as possible and confirm any changes in writing — ideally with an updated employment contract, he said...

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The advantage of PEO is the simplification of the overall management of human resources regardless of the size of your organization or the area of activity of your company, without compromising a future transition to a subsidiary creation...


Antoine Boquen, COO of Horizons, is intimately familiar with the struggles firms deal with when setting up abroad. “International businesses looking to expand into foreign markets can grow their revenue and customer base dramatically by tapping into local culture, trends and by filling unmet needs in regional markets," he says. "But doing so is a challenging endeavor, so firms might be best served by hiring an international expansion consultant and professional employer organization (PEO) to help ease the burden...


At NH Global Partners, we take pride in our reputation for compliance, integrity and helping companies get set up in these Asian markets in record time. On the other hand, we also provide a dedicated account manager for every business to improve communication and establish a meaningful relationship with our customers...


In case international companies need to gain an instant presence in China while registering a permanent PRC company status, Horizons’ PEO solutions enables to recruit, hire and onboard employee. This allows to hire company representatives in China to conduct market research, start operations onsite or assist with administrative tasks to get ready for a full workforce...


The established PEO Horizons provide services such as legal assistance, company incorporations, and visa consulting. This full-service end-to-end option allows businesses to outsource almost all aspects of their administrative work simplifying their business procedures and allowing them to focus on the bigger picture...


PEOs enable foreign businesses to set up a presence in a new country in record time. New Horizon Global Partners provides solutions that enable our clients to hire in a few days, as opposed to the few months that it takes to establish a new legal entity to hire...

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It is important to understand and comply with all business regulations in China. The hiring process can be tricky to a new entrant, which necessitates the services of a Chinese recruitment agency. Such an agency will help you with all employment laws, privileges, and remuneration...


Instead of launching a subsidiary or an umbrella company overseas, a foreign organization’s life will be greatly simplified by acquiring the services of a Global PEO to act as the employer of record.” says Antoine Boquen of Horizons...


Are you keen on expanding your business abroad but don’t know how to defeat the market entry barrier? Don’t give up just yet because you can still achieve your dreams with the assistance of the professional employer organization Horizons...

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New Horizon' s innovative Office in Office solution, also referred to as employment outsourcing or simply PEO, offers small and medium sized companies the easiest way of entering the Chinese market. Through the companie's platform, it takes rather days than months to start operations with own staff onsite...