Educational Institutions

Educational institutions can expand internationally 
with Global PEO solutions

Are you an educational institution, such as a school, university, institute of technology or private education provider, and thinking of expanding overseas? If so, New Horizons Global Partners can help you with your expansion. This might be useful, for example, if you seek to set up a recruitment office for your institution overseas.

New Horizons Global Partners is a Global PEO. This means that New Horizons recruits talent and hires staff, and manages payroll for client businesses across multiple countries. This means that your international workforce still work at your direction, but New Horizons acts as their ‘Employer of Record’ taking on compliance, payroll and tax responsibilities.

How can educational institutions benefit from a Global PEO?

Engaging New Horizons for the international expansion of your educational institution means that you do not have to set up a separate ‘related entity’ such as a subsidiary company in your country of expansion. We set out the benefits of engaging a Global PEO below. 


Setting up a separate legal entity can be a time-consuming and complicated procedure. By contrast, a Global PEO solution may allow you to engage staff in your country of expansion within in 48 hours.

Single Point of Contact

If you are expanding across multiple global locations this can mean multiple legal entities or subsidiaries to deal with. As New Horizons operates across 150+ countries, you only deal with the one point of contact.

Recruitment Networks

New Horizons has existing recruitment networks in each country of potential expansion. As the only Global PEO with in-house recruitment, they can acquire talent that you may not otherwise be able to acquire.

Cost Savings

New Horizons’ expansion solutions often save their clients around 85 percent of the cost of setting up a local entity for their educational institution.

Online Cloud Solutions

New Horizons’ HR cloud platform consolidates all employee data and reports across global locations.

What is the New Horizons Sign-Up Process?


First, New Horizons engages the educational institutions to agree on how the international expansion is to proceed.


Then, New Horizons recruits the staff for that educational institution, or hires staff on their suggestion.

Employment Contracts

Staff receive locally-compliant employment contracts and offers of employment.

Ongoing Support

New Horizons operates as the ongoing ‘Employer of Record’ and takes on all payroll, payroll tax and compliance responsibilities.