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New Horizons enables ambitious organizations to simplify their global expansion

Helping businesses expand with confidence

Our expertise lies in helping businesses revolutionize their international expansion. With a results-driven mantra that is focused on simplicity, flexibility and affordability, we provide our clients with an end-to-end solution for their compliant global expansion.

As the only Global PEO with a dedicated in-house recruitment team New Horizons sources, recruits, and hires your global workforce. And by acting as your employees’ Employer of Record, we oversee any issues pertaining to compliance, immigration, payroll, and benefits.

With a complex understanding of the cultural, legal, and financial nuances of the global marketplace, our team strategically guides you during each stage of your expansion. This empowers your business to go to market faster and more cost-effectively. 

Throughout our history, we have assisted an ever-growing number of businesses to successfully grow and scale their global operations. From small-to-medium businesses, right through multinational enterprises, New Horizons has the expertise to help you navigate the HR, legal, and financial landscapes that are unique to your expansion.

If you’re ready – or simply in the planning phase – of establishing your business globally, New Horizons’ Global PEO and Employer of Record services fast-track your compliant expansion.

We are proud to be trusted by global leaders

These are some of the organizations we’ve already helped to hire top talent and expand globally.

Comprehensive cross-industry coverage

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business with less than 100 employees, or a multinational enterprise with a global workforce, New Horizons has the expertise to help you meet your global expansion objectives.

Having worked with global enterprises, medium-sized businesses, and smaller companies expanding their operations for the first time, New Horizons has the strategic capabilities to fast-track your compliant global expansion.

Our expertise extends to all major industries, including:

  • Aerospace
    Consumer retail
    Energy production and distribution
  • Finance
    Food and beverage
    IT & mobile development
    Natural resources
    Real Estate
    Software development

In addition to these industries, we serve clients from the most popular industries across the world, including automotive, technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, insurance, production, banking, media, accounting, artificial intelligence, and pharmaceuticals.

The international business landscape is constantly evolving. To successfully expand or extend your operations globally, it’s essential that you understand the local regulations that relate to employment and foreign investment. New Horizons guides your international expansion with flexible, end-to-end strategies that are fast and compliant.

To join our ever-expanding network of clients – and discover your true expansion capabilities – simply fill out the below form. One of our experts will then customize a proposal that best fits the unique requirements of your business. 

What our clients tell us

There are many factors that make New Horizons the partner of choice for our clients. Here are five of the key reasons that businesses turn to us when expanding :

Multi-Country Coverage

We cover every major market, which gives you further scope to grow.

Transparent Fixed Pricing

A 'fixed-price per employee' structure providing assurance and allowing you to plan future costs.

End-to-End Solutions

Full-scale services allowing you to expand, hire, and onboard quickly and compliantly.

Dedicated Expansion Consultant

One point of contact to expertly guide and follow your expansion.

Cost Savings

We help you cut expansion costs by as much as 85%

Clients Testimonials

Success stories from businesses we’ve helped enter and grow in new markets.

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