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Our Shanghai office supports your business to strategically enter the burgeoning Asia-Pacific market.

China - Shanghai Office
APAC Headquarters

Antoine Boquen

Antoine Boquen

COO - Shanghai Office

Horizons’ Shanghai office serves as our Asia-Pacific headquarters. 

As the gateway to our Asia-Pacific operations, our Shanghai office has played an integral role in transforming Horizons into one of the world’s leading Professional Employment Organizations (PEO’s) and global expansion facilitators. 

We work with a broad range of companies that are seeking to quickly expand into the Asia-Pacific, by assisting them to hire local and international employees, onboard staff, administer global payroll and benefits, and maintain legal compliance. 

  • 100 Yutong Road, Intercontinental Business Center, 33/F, Shanghai, 200070
  • +86 21 6066 2151
  • [email protected]

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