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Italy – Milan

Horizons’ Italy office enables you to take advantage of the country’s diversified economy and springboard your European expansion.

Italy - Milan Office

claudio ramadori

Claudio Ramadori

Italy Sales Lead

Horizons’ Italian office has operated as a key pillar of our European operations. Our client portfolio centers on small-to-medium businesses, large corporations, and Fortune 500 enterprises – across all industry verticals. 

With an intimate knowledge of the Italian business landscape, our team assists companies to quickly and compliantly extend their Italian operations. Our Italy PEO & Employer of Record solutions enable you to begin trading in Italy in as little as 48 hours. 

Through a single point of contact, Horizons will source, hire, and onboard your Italian workforce, in accordance with all local labor regulations. To discover how Horizons can assist your business, contact our team – who are proficient in Italian, German, French, and English – today.  

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