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Etats-Unis – New Heaven

Siège social de New Horizons en Amérique du Nord, notre bureau de New Heaven reflète le paysage commercial dynamique de la région.

USA - New Haven
North America Headquarters

Nicholas Schaefer

Nicholas Schaefer

Business and Client Development Manager

Our New Haven office acts as our North America headquarters. Located in the heart of Connecticut’s economical and cultural center, our New Haven office has grown into a hub of international activity and development.

Our New Haven team assists companies across all industry verticals to quickly and compliantly extend their operations into North America. 

If your business is searching for a way to test the North American market, or to make a permanent move offshore, New Horizons’ Global PEO and expansion solutions enable you to go to market in as little as 48 hours. Our services are tailored to your business and have the potential to save you up to 85% in expansion costs. 

Our Location in New Haven

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