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Simplify your global accounting

Through Horizons EOR platform, you have a true record of all payroll, deductions, and contractor payments for your global team.

Automation and internal controls mean you can have full trust in your financial records. 


Dedicated payroll specialists minimize payment errors and handle currency conversions. 

Make life easier for your finance team or accounting department by engaging an Employer of Record (EOR) solution. 

How Horizons supports finance teams?

When Horizons becomes the EOR for your global workforce, it takes care of all payroll, employment taxes, deductions and expense reimbursements. Through the Horizons platform, all financial records are easily accessed by your finance team and compatible with standard accounting platforms.

Save on accounting costs

When you download payroll and payment information from Horizons, you know you have a verified record of all payments, employee-related expenses and withheld taxes.

Minimize errors

As payments are automated, and your monthly invoice reviewable with one click, the chance of manual errors for labor costs are eliminated.

Prepare an audit trail

Horizons payment data means that labor costs are easily reviewed and verified in case of an external audit.

How finance teams benefit

Your finance team can benefit from an EOR solution:

Key takeaways

01. No subsidiary set up — setting up a subsidiary or local entity to hire local staff requires a separate set of financial reports and statements. EOR solutions mean no additional reporting obligations

02. Reduced accounting costs — automated payroll and payment data eliminates the need for manual handling of the data

03. Simplified payroll — expense reimbursement can be taken care of on-platform, eliminating manual processing

04. Eliminate accounting errors — by automating payroll and contractor payments, a primary source of error is eliminated

05. Maintain an audit trail — through our EOR platform there is clear visibility of payments for any auditors.

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How we support finance teams?


Define & agree on terms of engagement

First, the client business and Horizons enter into an EOR agreement. This identifies all the roles, and responsibilities and liabilities of the client company and the EOR.


We hire and onboard employees

As the Employer of Record, we hire all global employees under locally-compliant labor contracts.


We process payroll and contractor payments

Through the Horizons platform, we take care of payroll and contractor payments, as well as deductions and tax withholding, on your desired schedule.


Access payroll data at any time

When you need payroll information for your financial reporting, the Horizons platform provides access at any time.

Frequently asked questions

The traditional way of employing professionals in multiple countries is by opening subsidiaries in each international location. This means producing full financial reports for each location. 

With an Employer of Record solution there is no such requirement. As you do not own an entity in that country, you have no financial reporting obligations in that country. 

The EOR ensures that employees in each international location are paid in the local currency. The client company only pays once invoice per month (usually in US dollars) from the EOR. 

Yes. Some EORs, like Horizons, take care of contractor payments as well as employee payroll. The EOR ensures payments are made on schedule and in full compliance with local laws.