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Horizons will simplify and fast-track your expansion into UAE

Creating and running a UAE payroll

The sovereign state of UAE has the second-largest economy in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia, making it an economic powerhouse on the world stage. Its economy is largely based on exports of oil and gas, but it has diversified somewhat in recent years to include other industries. This, along with its favorable tax laws, makes it a popular destination for foreign businesses to expand into.

If your organization is considering a UAE expansion, an important early step will probably be creating a UAE payroll and hiring staff locally. This can be a lengthy, difficult, and confusing process for many organizations, often leading to delays of weeks or months and potentially harming profits.

At Horizons, we offer UAE payroll outsourcing services for organizations expanding into UAE. We will set up and run your UAE payroll, helping you to expand more rapidly, whether or not you have an established entity in the UAE.

Why choose the Horizons payroll solution?

If you have an entity

If your organization has already established an entity in UAE, we provide payroll setup and management services to help you stay compliant and kickstart your expansion faster.

This solution is ideally suited for larger businesses aiming to expand in the region on a long-term basis.

If you don’t have an entity

Many organizations do not have an entity and want to remain flexible in their commitment to expansion. For these situations, we can provide the use of our UAE PEO to act as employer of record for your new hires. In addition, we will handle the setup, management, and compliance work for your UAE payroll.

This is a low-risk and flexible way to start your expansion into the UAE market, helping you focus on your expansion operations.

Simplifying your UAE payroll processing

Reliable delivery

We guarantee that all payments will be on time, your data will be secure, and you can be up and running within just 48 hours.

Established presence

Our in-country subsidiary will act as employer of record, offering you a presence in UAE for legal local employment.

Flexible solution

Our team will manage all of the admin, payroll, HR, and taxes, so you can focus on building your business in UAE.

Up-to-date compliance

We’ll ensure you stay fully compliant at all times with the laws laid out in UAE’s business and employment regulations.

Single point of contact

Our centralized service gives you a single point of contact, simplifying the entire UAE employment process.

Proven Expertise

Our in-house teams of payroll and HR experts have already helped all kinds of organizations expand globally.

UAE payroll guide

What are the withholdings and tax requirements in UAE?

UAE taxes are comparatively low in relation to most of the world. There is no income tax on employees, making this element of employment very simple. There is also no general corporate tax, although some companies do need to pay, such as foreign banks and oil and gas companies. 

Entitlements and terminations in the UAE

As always, we strongly advise producing a formal contract of employment when hiring, laying out all the terms of entitlements and terminations in writing to simplify procedures.

Upon termination of an employment contract, employers will usually need to pay severance, and this depends on the length of service. More than one year of employment results in 21-days of pay, and more than five years results in 30 days of pay per year of employment.

How to establish UAE payroll outsourcing

When hiring in the UAE, you will generally need to set up a UAE-based entity to act as employer of record. This can be a long and expensive process, potentially causing delays of weeks or even months to your expansion efforts.

Horizons offers an alternative to this process, handling all of your payroll setup and management, keeping you compliant and speeding up your entry into the UAE marketplace. We can also provide the use of our UAE subsidiary to act as employer of record for your hires, so you can benefit from our solutions even if you don’t have a registered entity in the UAE.

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