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Sweden Work Visas & Work Permits

When preparing for an expansion into Sweden, many organizations will aim to bring workers from abroad to help with the setup and running of the operation. To do this, every employee will need permission to work in-country, which could mean obtaining a Sweden work visa.

Sweden’s visa system can be hard to navigate, with unique laws and a different language to deal with. For nationals of European Union (EU) countries or those in the European Economic Area (EEA), no visa is required, but workers from non-EU/EEA countries will need a visa.

At Horizons, our global expansion team offers an extensive selection of Sweden work visa services, immigration support, and outsourcing solutions that can give your organization all that it needs to expand into Sweden along with the best globally sourced talent.

Basic requirements for Sweden work visas

There are varying requirements for the different types of Swedish visas, but some of the standard requirements include:

  • A job offer from a Sweden-based company. This job must fulfill various criteria, such as a minimum salary.
  • Health insurance
  • Details of accommodation arrangements
  • Valid passport
  • Application forms
  • Application fees

Types of Swedish work visas and permits

Non-EU/EEA nationals require a Swedish work permit. This is linked directly to a job offer from a Swedish company, so the terms of the permit vary depending on the job length and other factors.

Citizens from some countries may also need an entry visa to legally enter Sweden.

How to get a Sweden work visa

In general, employers handle the majority of the application process for work permits. Firstly, they will need to issue an official job offer to their prospective foreign employee. Following this, the employer can initiate the work permit application online through the Migration Agency. At this point, the employee will be asked to fill in an application form, submit various documents, and pay application fees.

Once the application has been processed, which can take several weeks, the permit will be issued and your employee can legally work in Sweden. They should also check whether they need to apply for an entry visa in advance of their move.

Other considerations

While EU/EEA nationals can work in Sweden without special permission, they still need to register with the government if they wish to live in Sweden long-term.

How can Horizons help with your Swedish work visas?

At Horizons, we help organizations successfully expand into Sweden, and we specialize in obtaining work visas for Sweden. Our Sweden work visa specialists offer expert advice and bespoke outsourcing services to support you through Sweden’s complex immigration system rapidly and effectively. We ensure that you and your workforce are totally compliant with Sweden’s regulations and offer the answers to any questions you may have about the process.

In addition, we provide an extensive selection of outsourcing services that cover recruitment, payroll, HR, administration, and more to help your company establish and grow a presence in Sweden as efficiently as possible, even if you don’t have an official subsidiary in the country.

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