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Working hours & days in Spain.

Learn about the working hours and days in Spain thanks to Horizons’ up-to-date guide.

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What are the standard working hours in Spain?

The standard working week in Spain is 40 hours.

What are the standard working days in Spain?

The usual working days for employees in Spain are Monday-Friday. Many employers give Friday afternoons off, with the time made up by working 8.5 hours from Monday-Thursday.

How many hours can you work per week in Spain?

The maximum number of working hours in Spain is 40 per week, or nine hours per day (with one hour for lunch).

How many hours is part-time work in Spain?

Anything up to 20 hours per week is classified as part-time work in Spain.

How many hours is overtime in Spain?

In Spain, any hours worked beyond 40 hours per week qualifies as overtime. There is a maximum of 80 hours of overtime per year.

Is it illegal to work on the weekend in Spain?

No, however employers are required to provide at least 1.5 days of continuous rest per week and it is standard practice to offer Saturday and Sunday as days off.

Does Spain have a four-day work week?

Generally not, but many employers give Friday afternoons off, with 8.5 hours worked from Monday-Thursday to make up the lost time. Some employers are beginning to offer more flexible working and four-day weeks, but it is not the standard.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

The maximum amount of overtime in Spain is 80 hours per year.

The overtime pay rate generally varies and is laid out in the employment contract; often, it depends on the collective bargaining agreement. The standard overtime pay rate in Spain is +75% of the regular hourly pay.

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