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Minimum wage in Spain.

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What is the minimum wage in Spain per hour?

€14,000/year. This equates to €1,166.70 monthly, but in practice the payments would be divided into 14 payments of €1,000 each year.

The hourly minimum wage in Spain is €7.82 per hour.

Are there regional variations in Spain’s minimum wage?

No, the minimum wage is the same across Spain.

How has minimum wage in Spain changed in the last 5 years?

The national minimum wage has increased from €825.70 in 2017 to €1,166.70 in 2022.

Spain – Minimum Wage Over the Years
Date Minimum Wage (EUR)
June 2022 1,166.70
January 2022 1,166.70
September 2021 1,125.80
January 2021 1,108.30
January 2020 1,108.30
January 2019 1,050.00
January 2018 858.60
January 2017 825.70

How does the minimum wage in Spain compare to surrounding countries?

France and Portugal share a border with Spain. Spain’s minimum wage of €14,000/year sits in the middle of the three. Portugal has a significantly lower minimum wage of around €10,000/year, while France has a higher rate of just under €20,000/year.

Is there a different minimum wage for expats in Spain?

The minimum wage for expats in Spain is the same as for locals in Spain.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

The minimum annual wage in Spain is €14,000 per year. The average annual salary in Spain is €27,000 per year.

It is generally not possible to hire skilled employees near the minimum wage in Spain, nor is it advised. When hiring international employees on a dispersed team, it is usually a wiser investment to hire employees with track records of success and several years of experience who you know can work independently and be successful.

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