If you are interested in taking your business to South Africa, you may also want to bring in specialized workers from abroad to help with the expansion. To bring foreign employees into South Africa, you will usually need a South Africa work visa for each employee. 

The process of getting South African work visas for your employees can be more complex than expected, with a unique set of regulations and various visa options. However, it is crucial that you follow the process carefully or you could risk delays to your expansion operation.

At New Horizons, our foreign expansion specialists provide a full suite of South African work visa services, immigration assistance, and outsourcing to help your organization hire your new workforce from a global talent pool.

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Requirements for South Africa work visas

Each visa type carries a slightly different set of requirements. However, there are some general requirements that most applicants will need to meet, including:

  • Application forms
  • Application fees
  • Valid passport
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Proof of work experience and qualifications
  • Proof of a job in South Africa
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of funds
  • Criminal record check

Types of visas for South Africa

There are a number of different visa options for South Africa. The most relevant for the majority of foreign workers coming to work with a South Africa-based company are the General Work Visa and the Intracompany Transfer Visa. Some highly qualified workers may also qualify for the Critical Skills Work Visa, which is not linked to a specific job like the other options.

How to get a South African work visa

Applications for South African work visas must be processed through the prospective employee’s local South African embassy or consulate. They may need to attend the office in person and have all relevant documentation ready for submission.

Further considerations

The General Work Visa and Intracompany Transfer Visas are both contingent on a job offer from a South Africa-based employer.

How can New Horizons help?

New Horizons supports employers through the process of expansion into South Africa, and we specialize in helping employees obtain South African work visas. Our South Africa work visa experts offer advice and tailored outsourcing services to guide you through the country’s complicated visa process. We ensure that your organization is in full compliance with South Africa’s immigration and employment regulations, save you time, and provide answers to any queries you may have about the immigration process.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of outsourcing solutions covering recruitment, payroll setup and management, HR, administration, and more to help your company start growing in South Africa as efficiently as possible, whether or not you have a registered entity in the country.

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