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How to manage your organization's Slovenia recruitment and compliance work to ensure you find the top talent for your expansion

Hiring employees in Slovenia

If you are planning to expand your business to the European nation of Slovenia, you will probably need to hire part of your team locally. However, the regulations and customs surrounding Slovenia recruitment can be difficult to follow, with unique laws, compliance considerations, and more all presenting challenges to businesses new to the country.

Horizons’ expansion consultants can guide you through the Slovenia recruitment process and offer outsourcing services to take care of your recruitment in Slovenia for you. With our support, you can find, recruit, and onboard your workers quickly and compliantly, even if you don’t have a registered entity in Slovenia.

Slovenia hiring guide

Explore some of the key information about Slovenia recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your Slovenia expansion.

How to find and hire employees in Slovenia

When recruiting in any country, it’s a good idea to use both online methods and personal networks. However, when you’re new to a country, it can be difficult to build a personal network, so online recruitment is an easy place to start.

Some of the popular online job boards in Slovenia include Mojedelo and the government-run ESS, along with many other examples. Also, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms are popular with workers and employers alike.

In terms of building personal networks, you could start by attending specialized networking events, or by outsourcing the work to a recruitment agency or consultant, such a Horizons.

Employment discrimination protections in Slovenia

In line with the laws in most countries today, Slovenia has a range of official regulations in place to protect workers and job candidates from discrimination by employers. For instance, as an employer, you cannot discriminate against anybody based on their race, religion, age, disabilities, gender, political affiliations/beliefs, trade union membership, and so on.

If you are deemed as being discriminatory as an employer then you may face legal action and fines, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the legislation before starting your Slovenia recruitment. Recruitment consultants can provide expert advice on this element of the recruitment process.

Onboarding staff in Slovenia

There is no fixed blueprint for onboarding workers in Slovenia, but there are some common best practices that may help you foster a good working culture. For example, you should always remain transparent about expectations from the start, and give new workers an opportunity to ask any questions they might have about their roles and the terms of their employment contracts.

Additionally, you should always provide adequate training to ensure every employee is comfortable in their new role and understands the company’s culture. It can also be advantageous to send representatives to Slovenia to help with the onboarding process. The costs of this can be mitigated by onboarding new workers in groups, which can also help to encourage a good working environment and network building.

Compliance for Slovenia recruitment

Workers in Slovenia are covered by various legally entitled rights surrounding their working conditions and rights. For instance, there are legally enforceable maximum working weeks, maternity leave, minimum wage, vacation leave, and sick leave. As an employer, you must be careful to offer these legally entitled benefits in full and should include details of them in every employee’s contract. For more details about employee entitlements in Slovenia, visit our Slovenia PEO page.

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