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Paid leave in Portugal.

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Annual leave in Portugal (holiday / vacation)

Employees in Portugal are entitled to a minimum of 22 days of paid annual vacation leave. In practice, the standard entitlement is 25 days.

Annual leave accrual is pro-rated for the first year of employment. Beyond the first year, employees are entitled to the full allowance immediately. Unused days must be carried over until at least June 30th the following year.

Parental leave in Portugal

Maternity leave in Portugal

Employees in Portugal are entitled to a minimum of 2.5 months of paid maternity leave. 30 days must be taken before birth and six weeks taken after the birth.

Paternity leave in Portugal

The second parent of a child in Portugal receives 20 days of mandatory parental leave. Five days must be taken immediately after birth and the remaining 15 must be taken in the six weeks following birth.

Sick leave in Portugal

There is no mandatory minimum amount of sick pay for employees in Portugal. However, after four days of absence through sickness, employees who can present a medical certificate are entitled to government-funded sick pay of 55%-75% of salary for up to 1095 days.

Bereavement and compassionate leave in Portugal

Portugal does not have mandatory paid bereavement leave upon the death of an immediate family member. Time taken is unpaid, unless stated otherwise by the employer or negotiated by a collective bargaining agreement.

Frequently asked questions

The minimum amount of annual leave per year in Portugal is 22 days. However, the standard amount of annual leave offered by most employers will start at 25 days.

The standard amount of paid time off (PTO) in Portugal is 25 days.

There is no minimum amount of sick leave entitlement in Portugal. The first three days of sick leave are always unpaid. From the fourth day, the employee must produce a medical document and is normally entitled to social security benefits of 55%-75% normal salary for up to 1095 days. 

In some cases, after 30 sick days, the employment contract may be suspended.

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