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Employee benefits in Portugal.

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Healthcare in Portugal

Portugal has nationalized healthcare, with free access to most health services for residents. This is partly paid for by the social security contributions of employees and their employers. Healthcare in Portugal is generally of a high standard, with highly trained clinical professionals and modern equipment.

Some people choose to pay for private insurance, but most do not. Some employers offer private insurance as an employee benefit, but it is not standard practice.

Pensions in Portugal

Pensions in Portugal are covered by social security contributions, which total 23.75% of salary from employers and 11% from employees.

Disability in Portugal

Employees in Portugal who have a disability that impacts their ability to work are generally entitled to disability benefits. These payments vary depending on circumstances and are covered by the country’s social security system.

Unemployment in Portugal

Unemployed people in Portugal may be entitled to state unemployment benefits through the country’s social security system. To qualify, they must have worked at least 450 days in the previous two years.

Frequently asked questions

Mandatory employee benefits in Portugal include employee compensation, holiday pay, meal allowances and remote work allowances. In standard practice, employers in Portugal will offer meal allowances, tranportation allowances, cost-of-living allowances, and benefits in-kind (ex. A company car).

With Horizons, you can offer the above mandatory benefits and any other employee benefit you would like. One example of a highly competitive benefit you can offer through Horizons is comprehensive remote worker health insurance.

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