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Company Registration in The Philippines

Establish a foreign entity in The Philippines efficiently and compliantly.

Streamline your company incorporation in the Philippines

The economy in the Philippines has rapidly grown in the last few years. Additionally, regulatory changes made the process of establishing a legal entity in the Philippines more simple for foreign companies.

Our comprehensive end-to-end company incorporation services will help your business establish a legal entity in the Philippines. We deliver a strategic approach by enabling our clients the ability to retain the same quality of legal compliance as their own in-country subsidiaries.  

Horizons is the Philippines most trusted incorporation partner to foreign clients. This expertise allows businesses to establish local entities efficiently, reliably, and compliantly. 

Streamline your entity setup

Company Incorporation

Our team of in-country experts work alongside local governments to handle the bulk of the incorporation process. This saves you valuable time and money.

Advisory Services

Our highly-skilled advisors will manage all of your monthly corporate services. This includes your bookkeeping, financial planning, and accounting.

Local HR Department

You can rely on the support of our local Human Resources department for reliable and compliant guidance for your entire entity setup. 

Our approach to company incorporation in the Philippines

You can choose from the following options to establish a legal entity in the Philippines:

The Philippines offers a lucrative opportunity to create and manage a local company of your own. We can work with you to identify a company structure that best aligns with your in-country strategy and long-term development plans.

By partnering with Horizons, we’ll help you manage your company’s end-to-end incorporation. This includes:

  • Handling payroll setup and registration.
    Once incorporation is complete, we transition employees from their current employment status – under our PEO – into that of your company.
  • Overseeing the same benefits your company has been providing to your foreign employees under the ownership of your new subsidiary.
  • Gathering local employment contracts and legally mandated materials for the establishment of your new entity.
  • Strategic guidance in matters concerning contract negotiations with employees.

Domestic corporation with foreign shareholders

This is the most popular option for foreign businesses. A domestic corporation with foreign shareholders can be established by one shareholder who is an individual, partnership, association or corporation. Domestic corporations are required to provide a minimum capital investment. They are also prohibited from performing activities included in the Foreign Investment Negative List. 

Corporations in the Philippines must have a minimum of three corporate officers who serve the following roles: president, corporate secretary and treasurer. The corporate secretary is required to be a citizen of the Philippines but the other officers do not need to be. The treasurer must be a resident of the Philippines. The president must be a director and must have one or more shares in the business.

The minimum capital requirement for establishing a corporation in the Philippines is based on business activity and how much foreign ownership there is. For domestic corporations with an excess of 40% of foreign shareholding, the minimum capital requirement is USD $200,000. 25% of the minimum capital must be paid up. 

Domestic corporations that have less than 40% of foreign shareholding have a paid-up capital requirement that starts at about USD $100. 

There are sometimes ways to reduce minimum capital requirements, such as employing a certain number of Filipino workers, using certain technology or exporting a certain percentage of your products.

Paid-up capital must be deposited once you have a corporate bank account in the Philippines and before you submit your audit of the financial statement for your first year. 

The Foreign Investment Negative List establishes the percentage of the allowed foreign ownership. Five industries can be established with 100% foreign ownership, including the following:

  • Internet businesses
  • Teaching in higher education
  • Training centers distinct from the formal education system
  • Wellness centers
  • Lending companies, investment institutions and financing companies

Joint venture

A joint venture is necessary if foreign equity limitations are in place. A joint venture is a partnership between a domestic and foreign partner. The joint venture is established by an agreement between corporations. Each of the partners contributes to a single project. 

Like with a foreign corporation, the required minimum capital is USD $200,000 if the foreign percentage of ownership is more than 40%. The minimum capital requirement is USD $100,000 if the percentage of foreign ownership is more than 40% but one of the following conditions applies:

  • Advanced technologies are used
  • The business directly employs at least 50 employees in the Philippines
  • The business exports at least 60% of its goods

Joint ventures are taxed at 30% on income received. Dividends are also usually taxed at 30%, but in some cases it is reduced to 15% if the foreign country receives tax benefits on dividends.  

Regional headquarters/regional operating headquarters

 A regional headquarters or regional operating headquarters is established to serve as an administrative branch of a foreign company that is engaged in international trade. It supervises, communicates and coordinates its subsidiaries and branches. It does not earn or generate income in the Philippines. This type of entity is not allowed to perform business that earns income from the Philippines. 

This type of business engages in the following type of activity: 

  • General administration
  • Business planning 
  • Finance activity
  • Logistical services
  • Training 
  • Managing personnel
  • Control of marketing plan
  • Promotions and sales
  • Research and development services
  • Business development
  • Communication
  • Data processing
  • Technical support

The required minimum capital for a regional headquarters is USD $50,000. These funds are used for salaries, fringe benefits, rental of offices, communication fees, transportation expenses and other costs to maintain the headquarters. The required minimum capital for a regional operating headquarters is USD $200,000.

Branch office

A branch office is an extension of a foreign company. Branch offices are permitted to perform business activities and generate income. However, they cannot perform activities prohibited by the Foreign Investment Negative List. Because the branch office is an extension of the parent company, separate directors or corporate officers are not necessary.

Branch offices must have a resident agent. If the agent is a foreign national, the agent must have a work permit in the Philippines. Additionally, the branch office must obtain a license to du business in the Philippines. 

Branch offices are subject to 30% income tax and 12% VAT taxes on local sales. It is also subject to withholding taxes on income payments and other forms of compensation. The required minimum capital for branch offices are USD $200,000. 

Representative office

A representative office establishes a legal presence in the Philippines. However, these offices cannot engage in commercial activities or earn revenue or other income in the Philippines. As such, the representative office is not liable for income tax. This type of office is fully subsidized by its head office. 

This type of office cannot perform the following activities:

  • Market research
  • Promotion of the company’s products
  • Customer service

This type of entity is sometimes used by companies that want to register their products in the Philippines but not handle local distributors. 

If you set up a representative office in the Philippines, you must establish a corporate bank account in the country and transfer USD $30,000 to cover the expenses of their representative office. This amount must be submitted each year to maintain the representative office. 

Pre & post-incorporation services

Horizons provides companies with both pre and post-incorporation services as part of our entity setup solution.

With pre-incorporation, you can use our PEO service to immediately establish a global workforce in the Philippines while you await the completion of your company incorporation. Once the setup is complete, we will seamlessly transition your foreign employees from our international PEO directly to your company’s new subsidiary.

Our post-incorporation experts support ongoing monthly and annual compliance services in order for our clients to continue operating compliantly on-site, giving you the ability to primarily focus on local operations.

By partnering with Horizons for your company incorporation in the Philippines, you can save time and money while ensuring that the entire process will be handled efficiently, reliably, and with full compliance to local laws. 

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