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Expand your business into Moldova and hire employees - in as little as 48 hours

Expand your organization into Moldova with or without a Moldovan entity

While Moldova is among the poorer countries in the region, many foreign businesses are recognizing its potential for growth and choosing to invest in the small Eastern European nation.

However, as with any country, Moldova can present some difficulties for foreign businesses. The language barrier is an obvious factor, but businesses should also consider the complex and many inefficiencies that exist in the Moldovan system and can lead to significant delays to expansion efforts.

At Horizons, we provide a full range of outsourcing services to assist businesses with their Moldova expansion. Our employer of record, professional employer organization (PEO), and payroll services give you everything you need to build and expand your business in Moldova, even if you don’t have an in-country entity. Our in-house recruitment team can even find, recruit, and onboard your local workforce, as well as handling all ongoing HR administration.

Horizons provides everything you need to expand into Moldova quickly and effectively while potentially saving you thousands in setup costs.

Our Moldova PEO simplifies your expansion

Horizons enables your business to expand operations into Moldova – without setting up a legal subsidiary.

Rapid Market Entry

Horizons will enable you to source, hire, and onboard professionals across Moldova in as little as 48 hours.

Cost-Effective Expansion

Our PEO solution can help you benefit from cost savings of up to 82%, without the need to establish a Moldova entity.

Payroll Outsourcing

Simplified Moldova salary & payroll processing, including social security payments, tax, and any other required contributions.

Employee Onboarding

Utilize the relevant provision for all types of Moldovan labor contracts, whether a fixed-term or open-ended contract.

Onsite Legal & HR Team

Full support for Moldova-specific contract renewals, terminations, annual leave management, HR, and strategic guidance.

Ensure Full Compliance

We ensure that employment contracts are fully compliant and adhere to Moldova labor laws and best practices.

Hiring in Moldova: Employment law overview

Employment contracts in Moldova

Employers in Moldova must provide written contracts of employment for every employee they hire. These contracts should cover any details of employment such as compensation, entitlements, vacations leave, and so on. They should also be written in the local language of Romanian and reference the national currency of the Moldovan leu.

Working hours in Moldova

The standard working week in Moldova is 40 hours over five days of eight hours. 

Public holidays in Moldova

There are several annual public holidays celebrated in Moldova. Most employees in the country receive the following days as leave from work:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Orthodox Christmas
  • International Women’s Day
  • Parents’ Day
  • International Children’s Day
  • International Solidarity of Workers Day
  • Orthodox Easter Monday
  • Independence Day
  • National Language Day
  • Western Christmas
  • Victory Day

Moldova vacation leave

Employees in Moldova’ are usually entitled to 28 days of paid vacation leave annually, with one continuous period of at least 14 days.

Moldova sick leave

Employees in Moldova can take paid sick leave when they present a medical note as proof. The compensation is covered by the government.

Parental leave in Moldova

Female employees in Moldova can take 70 days of paid maternal leave prior to giving birth and 56 days after, for a total of 126 days. Additionally, employees can generally take extra leave for childcare until their child turns three, but the specific entitlements vary. Mothers of more than two children under 14 are also able to take four extra days of paid annual vacation leave.

Other relatives (such as fathers) who have childcare responsibilities for young children can generally take an allowance of extra leave with partial compensation.

Terminations and severance in Moldova

Employees in Moldova are generally entitled to between one and two months of notice prior to termination and can take one day per week to search for new employment.

Employees are usually entitled to a severance payment of one week of pay per year of service with an employer. When terminated for proper cause, they are usually entitled to a reduced severance payment of two weeks of pay.

Taxation in Moldova

Employers and employees in Moldova both need to contribute toward social security funds. Employees must pay 6% of salary and employers must pay around 23%. Additionally, both parties must pay 4.5% toward health insurance.

Health coverage in Moldova

Health coverage in Moldova is provided by the government. However, private medical care is also used fairly commonly and some employers choose to offer private insurance as a benefit to employees.

Moldova compensations & benefits

Compensation laws in Moldova

The minimum wage in Moldova is 2,775 leu per month for full-time private-sector employees.

Benefit management in Moldova

Setting up your Moldovan benefits system can be a confusing process if you are not familiar with the complex labor laws, language, and cultural differences. Be prepared for a time-consuming process and potential delays.

At Horizons, we specialize in building and running Moldovan employee benefits systems. We’ll handle everything, using our experience to ensure you are ready to commence your Moldova operation as quickly as possible.

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Horizons will help you expand your business into Moldova faster

Horizons’ Moldovan employer of record, PEO, and payroll outsourcing services can give your business everything necessary to begin trading in Moldova quickly and compliantly. Our experienced team will ensure that you are set up and trading in Moldova in as little as 48 hours, and could save you more than 80% in expenditure, even if you haven’t established an entity in Moldova.

Our team can take care of your organization’s benefits, expenses, payroll, and compliance work in Moldova, as well as all ongoing HR administration. And as the only global PEO with an in-house recruitment team, Horizons can also find and recruit your local employees, using our Moldovan subsidiary as employer of record so you don’t have to establish an entity.

Contact us today to learn how our services can help you expand into Moldova more effectively.