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Notice period in Indonesia.

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What is the minimum notice period when resigning in Indonesia?

The standard notice period for resignations is 30 days.

What are the consequences of an insufficient notice period in Indonesia?

Insufficient notice period in Indonesia carries risk. 

If the employer provides an insufficient notice period, they have violated labor law. There is no payment in lieu of notice available in Indonesia; the only option is to suspend the employee from their duties and continue paying through the notice period. Employers must always provide sufficient notice in cases of termination.

If the employee provides insufficient notice, there are no regulations which sanction the employee. Any consequences for insufficient resignation notice in Indonesia need to be set out clearly in the employment contract. 

Additionally, it is not recommended that an employer immediately terminate an employee for failing to show up without notice in Indonesia; normally an employer must give 3 warnings before taking further action. In instances where an employee fails to attend work without warning, it is not required that an employee pay the employee.

Is it possible to reduce the notice period in Indonesia under exceptional circumstances?

The notice period in Indonesia cannot be reduced, nor is payment in lieu of notice an option in Indonesia. At most, employers can suspend employees from their duties during the notice period while still paying their full salary.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

In most cases, employees must give a minimum 14 days when resigning in Indonesia.

In most cases, employers must give a minimum 14 days when terminating employment in Indonesia. 

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