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How to handle your Estonia recruitment process and compliance work to help you hire the best talent for your expansion

Hiring employees in Estonia

If your business is planning an expansion to Estonia, you will probably need to hire part of your workforce locally. However, Estonia recruitment can be a challenging process, with the country’s unique language, labor laws, and business culture to deal with.

Horizons’ global expansion team is here to support you through the Estonia recruitment process, providing tailored outsourcing solutions to manage your recruitment in Estonia so you don’t have to. With Horizons, you can source, recruit, and onboard the best talent quickly and compliantly, even if you don’t have an official Estonian entity.

Estonia hiring guide

Explore some of the key information about Estonia recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your Estonia expansion.

How to find and hire employees in Estonia

Online recruitment is used by many employers and candidates in Estonia, so any recruitment strategy should involve advertising your positions online. Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn are useful for researching candidates and posting jobs. Additionally, there are several online job boards commonly used, including CV.ee and CVKeskus.

Many organizations also choose to hire recruitment agencies or global PEOs to outsource their Estonia recruitment.

As Estonia is in the European Union (EU), it is relatively easy to hire employees from other EU countries. This gives employees a large and accessible talent pool to recruit from when expanding in Estonia.

Discrimination laws for Estonia recruitment

In Estonia, employees and job candidates are protected from various kinds of discrimination. For example, employers cannot discriminate based on people’s race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, political affiliations, and so on.

If you are deemed as being discriminatory toward candidates, you could face legal action, so it’s vital you understand the laws before recruiting in Estonia.

Onboarding staff in Estonia

The specifics of onboarding employees in Estonia can vary from employer to employer. However, it is good practice to be as clear as possible from the start about what you expect of your new hires, so this should be communicated during their orientation period.

Beyond this, all staff should receive sufficient training to perform their roles optimally. We also recommend going over the terms of each employee’s contract with them and answering any questions they have to avoid any misunderstandings.

Compliance for recruitment in Estonia

An important part of compliance for employers in Estonia is to uphold employee entitlements. Many entitlements, such as mandatory minimum working hours, minimum wage, vacation leave, sick pay, and so on, are necessary by law. All relevant terms and entitlements should be detailed in an employee’s contract and discussed with them during the recruitment process.

For more details about employee entitlements in Estonia, visit our Estonia PEO page.

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