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Egypt Work Visas & Work Permits

When expanding your company abroad, a crucial part of the job is making sure that you have the right talent to help set up and run the operation, and that often means bringing workers from abroad. To bring your employees to work in Egypt, you’ll need to apply for an Egypt work visa for each worker you bring over.

The process of getting an Egypt work visa can be complex, with the country’s unique regulations, language, and often-complicated administrative procedures all potentially resulting in delays.

At Horizons, our experts in foreign expansion offer a full suite of Egypt work visa solutions, immigration assistance, and outsourcing services, to give your business everything it needs to expand into Egypt with the help of the best global talent.

Standard requirements for Egypt work visas

Egypt has several strict laws surrounding foreign workers, such as maximum quotas of foreign workers vs. Egyptians in every company. For this reason, employers must prove that no Egyptians are available/qualified for a particular role before hiring a foreign worker. If these conditions are met, there are some basic requirements that will need to be met, including:

  • Application form and fees
  • Proof of work experience/qualifications
  • HIV test
  • A justification of the decision to hire a specific foreign worker
  • Pictures/copies of the tax ID card of the employee
  • Valid passport

Types of Egypt visas

There are various kinds of visas for Egypt, ranging from tourist visas to work visas, special visas (for people who were born in Egypt or lived there for over 20 years). For foreign workers, a standard Egypt work visa is generally going to be the most useful. Initially, they should get a tourist visa which they can then upgrade to a work visa.

How to get an Egypt work visa

As mentioned above, employees should first come to Egypt on a standard tourist visa. This will enable them to stay in Egypt temporarily, during which time they can apply for a work visa. It is also possible to work while they are waiting for the Egypt work visa to be processed if they provide the necessary documents when requested.

Other considerations

Once your employees are in Egypt, they should register their presence, which can be done through the police.

It is also important to note that the total visa process could take as long as several weeks, so you should always prepare well in advance of needing any visas to avoid disappointment.

How can Horizons help?

At Horizons, we help businesses and employers of all kinds expand all over the world, including to Egypt, and we are experts in obtaining work visas for foreign employees. Our Egypt work visa specialists offer expert advice and outsourcing to support you through the country’s complex immigration system rapidly and effectively. We will ensure that you are in total compliance with Egypt’s immigration and employment regulations and provide answers to any questions you may have about the procedures.

Additionally, we offer extensive outsourcing services covering recruitment, payroll, HR, administration, and more to help your business start trading in Egypt as efficiently as possible, even if you don’t have an official subsidiary in the country.

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