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How to manage your Denmark recruitment and compliance and hire the best talent for your expansion to Denmark

Hiring employees in Denmark

If your organization is in the process of expanding to the European country of Denmark, one part of the process will probably be recruiting employees locally. The process of Denmark recruitment is sometimes difficult to manage, with a range of national labor laws, a language barrier, and other factors to consider.

Horizons’ expansion specialists will guide you through the recruitment process in Denmark and provide customized outsourcing services to handle your hiring in Denmark so you don’t have to. With our support, you’ll be able to find, hire, and onboard the country’s top talent compliantly and efficiently, even if you don’t have a Danish entity.

Denmark Hiring Guide

Explore some of the key information about Denmark recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your Denmark expansion.

How to source and recruit employees in Denmark

As in many other countries, Danish people now generally use the internet as their primary tool for recruitment. There are several popular job sites to choose from, and social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, are also increasingly popular for finding suitable potential employees.

Another option is to hire a global PEO such as Horizons to take care of your Denmark recruitment by researching, contacting, interviewing, and onboarding potential employees for you.

Discrimination and harassment laws in Denmark

The discrimination and harassment laws for employers in Denmark are similar to those in many other countries, and cover people during recruitment as well as when employed. For example, it is against the law to discriminate during the recruitment process on the basis of ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, age, or disabilities, among other things. It is also illegal to pay men and women differently for the same work, as outlined in The Equal Pay Act.

To ensure you stay compliant with your Denmark recruitment, you must understand the complex rules when recruiting new employees. We recommend using professional help for this, such as employment lawyers or global expansion consultants such as Horizons.

Onboarding staff in Denmark

Employers in Denmark don’t need to follow any particular procedures when onboarding new employees. However, it is always good to be as clear as possible about the required duties and company culture and to lay out all entitlements and terms in each employee’s employment contract to avoid any unintended disputes. You may also need to send company representatives to Denmark to help with the onboarding process.

To simplify your onboarding process when recruiting in Denmark, Horizons can take care of everything for you.

Compliance for Denmark recruitment

An important part of Denmark recruitment is staying compliant with the regulations. One major thing to consider is that trade unions and collective bargaining agreements often play a big role in employee rights, so you will need to know what applies to you and your employees.

This is another good reason to always draw up a detailed employment contract for each employee, keeping terms transparent and ensuring agreement between you and your employees at all times. For more details about employment entitlements in Denmark, take a look at our Denmark PEO page.

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