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Visa Consulting in China

Immigration and visa expertise to grow your China operations

A better way to obtain China work permits & visas

Horizons provides work permit and visa consultation services for businesses growing their operations into China. As a leader in China expansion, we help both individuals and businesses to obtain necessary permits and maintain compliance with local labor regulations.

With long-standing expertise in matters of Chinese workplace legislation, Horizons will guide your expansion with services that include legal consultation, translation, and administration support. These services will strengthen your ability to successfully obtain work visas and residence permits.

Our in-house legal experts specialize in all aspects of Chinese immigration law. This expertise, coupled with our intricate understanding of the Chinese marketplace, makes Horizons the preferred partner for foreign nationals looking to conduct business in China.

Helping businesses to obtain China work permits

Horizons supports your business with tailored consultation services that allow you to legally operate in China.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive and transparent pricing across all our consultation services. At the same time, we provide the highest standards of legal expertise.


Our team has assisted numerous individuals and organizations to successfully obtain China work permits and visas. This experience will maximize your chances of obtaining the permits you need.

In-house legal team

Our team of legal experts have qualifications and experience in all matters of Chinese immigration law. This expertise will guide your successful expansion into China.

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Horizons provides cost-effective consultation services that support your expansion into China. For assistance obtaining work visas, work permits, and residency permits, Horizons will guide you through the following areas:

Consultancy on China work visas (Z Visa)

Our team provides consultancy across jurisdictions that include:

  • China work visas
  • Working permits
  • Residence permits
  • Work visa points systems

Horizons’ global consular assistance enables you to obtain all the documents required to legally work in China. Our team provides you with customized support through each stage of the application process, ensuring a seamless expansion into China.

Facilitation and assistance - document preparation

It can be challenging for foreign nationals to know what information is required by Chinese immigration authorities. Horizons works closely with your business to ensure that all necessary information is submitted correctly. This ensures that documentation is lodged in accordance with current immigration protocols.

Horizons will support you Chinese expansion through a process of:

Translation – Legalization – Certification​

China labor and legal advisory​

Our lawyers redact your professional contracts in accordance with Chinese regulations. By maintaining compliance with Chinese labor legislation, we ensure that all employment agreements are legally drafted and administered.

Onsite support upon arrival

Horizons will keep you updated on the progress of your application and any changes to your immigration status. This includes individual retro planning of all actions to anticipate. Our reporting process ensures that you stay abreast of any developments as they occur.

Work visa sponsorship via employment solution

To find out more, please refer to Horizons’ China PEO & Employer of Record.