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Sales Office in China

A partner you can trust for opening a sales office in China - with in-country experts and 24/7 support
  • As China’s leading HR & Corporate Administration Specialist, Horizons supports foreign corporations to setup a Sales Office and deploy staff in China through Horizons.
  • Under the P.R. of China law, the Sales Office involves a foreign company renting a local address in China for business purposes, without having to register any legal entity.

    All activities will continue to be invoiced/paid by the headquarter company abroad, while Horizons, as the official Employer of Record, is taking care of the office lease and the legal management/payroll of the China-based employee(s). 

Sales office setup solution in China


Hire local employees through Horizons and enter new markets within days, not weeks or months.​


Add new employees to grow your operations or simply terminate existing employees, easy and compliantly.


Compliant employment contracts as per Chinese Labor Laws and best practices.

Sales office setup procedure


  • Setup Time
    5-10 days
  • Business activities in China
    Market research, quality control, marketing, customer support, sales development, client support, IT development, etc.
  • Employment capacities
    No limits in adding staff to your local operations.
  • Administrative & Legal Liabilities
    All liabilities in China fully remain with Horizons
  • Cost
    Low (Office + Staff)


  • Flexibility
    The most flexible way of doing business. Expand your workforce in any city without legal, tax and HR burdens.
  • Speed
    The fastest option for a market entry in China, taking only days to onboard new hires.
  • Easy setup
    The employment of your staff doesn’t require any administrative procedure nor timeframe to be defined. Local employment contracts and benefits of your staff are taken care of by Horizons as the Employer of Record.
  • Low investment
    No investment required for the Chinese branch. You are only to support the rental cost of the office space and the total payroll cost of the employee(s) respectively.
  • Limited liability
    You monitor the work of your employee(s) while the Employer of Record in China is responsible for local labor contracts, payroll and tax compliance, as well as daily legal support on your side.
  • Simple employee transfer
    Once you have decided to setup your own entity for invoicing purposes, the employees can simply be transfered from Horizons to your China entity without any hassle.

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