China is a competitive market, and it is not uncommon for legal disputes to arise. However, litigation can often derail a company’s progress or stall its successful expansion into a new market. For these reasons, New Horizons Global Partners provides comprehensive dispute resolution services in China and other Asian markets. 

Legal issues we can successfully resolve

The lawyers and employment professionals at New Horizons Global Partners can help resolve a variety of legal issues that you may encounter by conducting business services in China. We assist domestic foreign businesses in diverse industries with their international needs, as well as foreign clients who are confronting legal issues and complexities that arise from business activities in China.

Some of the legal issues that we can assist you and your business with include:

Commercial contract disputes 

During your operations, you may enter into various contracts that explain the rights and responsibilities of your business, other businesses, vendors, suppliers and other third parties. If one of the parties does not comply with the terms of the agreement or a misunderstanding arises, we can help resolve the contract dispute to terminate services, modify conditions of the contract, form a new contract or use other methods to reach an agreeable solution for your sales, lease or contract dispute.

Employment disputes

Legal allegations may arise regarding wage and hour claims, unpaid overtime, early termination of an employment contract or other employment disputes. Our dispute resolution services can seek out amicable solutions to these disputes that protect the interests of your business.

Creditor disputes 

If you have unpaid invoices or you are having difficulty meeting your debt obligations, we can assist with these creditor disputes. We can also advise on bankruptcy and liquidation options.

Corporate finance and investment disputes 

When working with Chinese financial institutions, joint venture partners or other partners, disputes may arise as to the obligations of the parties. We can help identify the current issues, recommend options for restructuring or reorganizing the business and explore other innovative legal solutions to your dispute.

Intellectual property disputes 

China has unique laws related to the registration, recognition and enforcement of intellectual property rights. We can help explain your rights and the process and work with you to determine an appropriate solution to intellectual property problems, licensing issues or infringement. 

The New Horizons approach to dispute resolution 

When you retain our services, our local experts begin work on your case immediately. We resolve commercial disputes in a professional manner and use a multi-faceted approach to help you and the other party reach an amicable solution. Our dispute resolution service includes the following steps: Identify the rights and obligations based on a contract or legal duty Identify the legal issues that need to be resolved Listen to each party’s point of view  Share relevant information with both parties Provide support while the parties consider innovative solutions to their legal issues Explore the viability of suggested ideas and options Test possible solutions Develop acceptable, cost-effective and proactive solutions Put the decisions and agreement in writing We can also provide support if you choose to go in a new direction to avoid some of these common disputes, such as by offering PEO services in which we take on all of the responsibilities of the employer of record so that you can concentrate on your business operations.

Why choose New Horizons Global Partners for China dispute resolution?

The experts at New Horizons Global Partners have vast industry knowledge in various sectors enables them to understand complex issues related to commercial contract, commercial finance, employment law, creditor issues and investment disputes.

We work closely with domestic and foreign businesses and can quickly identify your needs and objectives. Our focus is on providing you with workable solutions that save you time, money and frustration while remaining compliant with all Chinese regulatory authorities.

Our clients-first approach keeps your needs at the forefront during all times of representation. Contact us today to learn more about our China dispute resolution service.

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