New Horizons Global Partners is your partner in launching your business in China. We are a client-focused business whose mission is to serve as a strategic partner to our clients. Our highly-regarded staff has years of relevant experience in a variety of fields, equipping us with the ability to provide innovative and creative solutions.

We encourage businesses in China to take proactive steps that are designed to protect their business interests. Our knowledgeable staff is well-informed of the industry standards and trends that influence strategy and business planning. We provide comprehensive, cost-effective legal solutions 

We provide myriad services to help you successfully expand your business seamlessly. Some of the important non-litigation services that we provide include the following.

Legal Services

Our legal experts can review legal contracts, permit applications, and employment contracts. We have long-standing relationships with local and national Chinese governmental agencies and can help introduce you to these authorities and ensure that you remain compliant with all of the applicable regulations.

We can also participate in business negotiations with potential partners, suppliers, and competitors. Some of our areas of specialty include:

Banking and Finance

We can assist with helping you acquire the capital you need through investments and loans. We can also help you register foreign debt and capital and with foreign exchange control.

Corporate Finance

Our renowned financial experts assist with the restructure and reorganization of companies in China. We can register your business in China for overseas exchange markets. 

China Foreign Investment 

The Chinese market provides many promising opportunities for foreign investors. We can help you plan an initial investment strategy and establish foreign-invested enterprises throughout major cities in China.

Bankruptcy and Liquidation 

Our legal experts advise on debt relief and bankruptcy, including cross-border bankruptcies. We can also advise you on how to legally liquidate your business in China.

Company Registration

New Horizons Global Partners’ experts can assist you with registering and making necessary filings with local and national government authorities. We can help you set up your business in Hong Kong, offshore or in mainland China. We can assist you with the company incorporation in China.

Operations Support Service 

We provide operations support services to foreign-invested enterprises. We can advise you on compliance and operational matters.

Property Investments 

We can help you evaluate and negotiate potential property investment transactions. Some of our services include:

  • Contract review – We can review all applicable contracts, including real estate sale and purchase contracts, pre-sale contracts and mortgage contracts.
  • Sale and purchase of real property We can assist you with every step involved in the acquisition, purchase, and sale of real property.
  • Preparation of legal documents – We can prepare all necessary legal documents for real property transactions in China.
  • Filing – We can assist businesses with the pre-sale registration process.
  • Advising services – We can advise you on various rules and recommendations related to investing in property in China.

Intellectual Property

China has unique intellectual property laws, including a first-to-file trademark registration process. Our intellectual property services can help you register your trademarks and trade names and seek protection through utility and design patents.

We assist with anti-counterfeiting and enforcement of intellectual property rights against infringers or people or businesses who steal trade secrets. Our experienced staff can also help with sharing your intellectual property in the way you desire, such as through licensing or franchising options.

Mergers and Acquisitions

You may have a tremendous opportunity to complete a merger and acquisition with a business in China. We can assist you with the process of handling mergers and acquisitions between domestic business, China foreign investments, and overseas businesses.

Dispute Resolution

Litigation often involves a time-consuming and expensive process. Our dispute resolution process gives you an opportunity to participate in the alternative dispute resolution process to resolve legal issues in a more harmonious and amicable fashion. 

Due Diligence Activities

We can help you perform due diligence before you partner with a Chinese business or take on a particular investor. Using our company verification services, we conduct background searches and advise you on asset preservation strategies. 

Back Office Services

In addition to legal services, we also offer a variety of back-office services to assist with your business. We can handle all aspects of your human resources and administrative processes, including the following:

  • Recruitment and talent search – We can help locate the top talent across the world and introduce them to your business.
  • Staffing and PEO – We take over all employer-of-record services while you maintain operational control.
  • Payroll and human resources management – We handle all aspects of payroll, including benefits administration, tax compliance, and reporting requirements.
  • Visa service – We can help you obtain visas for foreign workers and advise you of the immigration process. 

Why Choose New Horizons as Your Global Partner?

Our legal advisors practice in various areas of law, including corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, tax compliance, and regulatory affairs.

This thorough understanding of various areas of Chinese law has positioned New Horizons Global Partners as a leading firm in China and the Asian market. We provide comprehensive services to Chinese businesses and address your international needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business. 

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