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How to manage your Argentina recruitment and compliance to ensure you can hire the best workforce for your expansion

Hiring employees in Argentina

If your business is in the process of expanding to Argentina, you will probably need to start preparing to hire employees. Argentina recruitment can be challenging, with the language barrier, unique employment regulations, and more all possibly holding up the process.

Horizons’ global expansion experts support businesses through the Argentina recruitment process and provide specialist outsourcing for all of your hiring needs in Argentina. We will help you to find, hire, and onboard your workforce in Argentina compliantly and efficiently, even if you don’t have an official entity in the country.

Argentina hiring guide

Explore some of the key information about Argentina recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your Argentina expansion.

How to find and hire employees in Argentina

Argentina has had well-documented economic problems in recent years and, as such, there is relatively high unemployment. However, this can work in the favor of employers, as there are large numbers of young, skilled, and educated people looking for work, making recruitment simpler in Argentina than in many other countries.

In terms of where to find workers, there are various effective ways. Argentina is in the process of a digital recruitment transition, so both traditional and modern methods of recruitment are still common. For example, newspaper job postings are still used widely and can be a good tactic for employers.

On the more modern end of the spectrum, networking platforms such as LinkedIn are increasingly popular, and dedicated online job boards like Buscojobs and Bumeran are commonly used by both employees and candidates.

Many employers also choose to outsource their Argentina recruitment to dedicated recruitment experts, such as Horizons.

Discrimination laws for recruitment in Argentina

Anti-discrimination laws in Argentina protect candidates and interviewees from discriminatory practices. For example, employers cannot discriminate based on a candidate’s gender, age, race, trade union affiliations, politics, religion, and so on.

You could risk legal challenges if you are seen to break these rules, so it is crucial that you follow them closely at all stages of the recruitment process. To ensure you understand the rules, we recommend hiring Argentina recruitment experts to help you with the process.

Onboarding staff in Argentina

In general, you are free to onboard new employees in Argentina in any way you see as most effective. For example, some companies may run role-specific training for several days before employees start work, or some may have a quick orientation and use on-the-job training.

Most importantly, you should always be clear about your expectations, explain key elements of the company culture, and go over any questions your new recruits may have as a priority to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes.

Compliance for Argentina recruitment

There are a number of strict regulations in place surrounding employment and recruitment, so it is crucial that you understand them before you recruit anyone. For example, there are rules for minimum wage, maximum working hours, overtime pay, vacation leave, and more.

Also, you should always pay your employees in the local currency, not US dollars as is often requested (as this is against the law). To account for the fact that the Argentine peso is unstable, many employers change salaries on a regular basis (e.g. annually).

All of your employees’ entitlements and any changes to salary should be recorded in detail in their employment contracts, and the details should be discussed early on to prevent any disputes at a later date.

For more information about employee entitlements in Argentina, visit our Argentina PEO page.

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