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Nadia Ponomareva

nadia ponomareva

Nadia Ponomareva

Since 2019, Nadia has served as Horizons’ Head of Recruitment. This role sees Nadia work alongside businesses to strategically recruit, assess, and onboard their global talent. Nadia is focused and dedicated to the long-term success of Horizons’ clients, whilst ensuring the best outcomes for our global network of candidates. 


Nadia holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from Far Eastern Federal University. In addition to this degree, Nadia holds Certificates IAB: Financial Director, from Vladivostok State University of Economic and Service. She is also Chinese Mandarin certified from Shanghai International Studies University. 


Nadia has over 10 years’ experience working in the fields of account management, business development, and executive search recruitment. Prior to commencing her role with Horizons, Nadia worked with global recruitment leaders like Access People and Robert Walters. These roles enabled Nadia to become an expert in candidate identification and development, assessment and evaluation, candidate management, and employee onboarding.

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