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Marie-Laure Troadec

Marie Laure Troadec

Marie-Laure Troadec

Serving as Horizons’ Legal Counsel, Marie-Laure is an integral team member who oversees the company’s legal, HR, and mobility divisions. Since 2018, Marie-Laure has managed Horizons’ general legal operations, conducted foreign-invested companies incorporation in China (WFOE), and GDPR compliance. Additionally, Marie-Laure has consulted for China, Hong Kong and Singapore mobility cases, and implemented internal HR processes. 


Marie-Laure holds a Master’s Degree in International Law and Legal Studies, from France’s University of Nantes, and a Master’s Degree in International Business (French-Chinese Management), from IAE France. 


Marie-Laure has extensive experience as a legal professional in North America, Europe, and Asia. She has an expert knowledge on all matters of corporate law. Marie-Laure has assisted businesses in the drafting of legal documents, managed risk and legal compliance, and conducted negotiations on behalf of her international clients.

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