Guillaume Vergnaud

Guillaume Vergnaud

For over 10 years, Guillaume has established himself as an innovative business leader with a record of maximizing sales profits, territory expansion, and new account development. Guillaume has consistently led sales teams to achieve multi-million-dollar revenue gains, whilst remaining focused on client satisfaction at every stage of the customer cycle. Since 2020, Guillaume has served as New Horizons’ Asia Pacific Managing Director. 


Guillaume holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing, Sales Performance, and Corporate Strategy, from IDRAC Business School. In addition to this degree, Guillaume holds a Master of Science (MSc), International Business, from KEDGE Business School. 


Since 2009, Guillaume has worked in high profile sales and management positions for a number of internationally recognized brands. Guillaume’s experience has seen him hold positions in North America, Europe, and Asia. Prior to commencing his Managing Director role with New Horizons, Guillaume worked for esteemed companies that included Borde Champignons and KOTI Group. 

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